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Invoca’s AI Surpasses 2M Phone Conversations Analyzed

Invoca, a well-known call intelligence company, recently revealed that its award-winning machine-learning solution dubbed Signal AI had analyzed two million telephone conversations since last year. Some of the company’s customers that currently take advantage of the Signal AI’s potential in uncovering new opportunities to improve customer experience and marketing ROI include Starkey Hearing Technologies and Frontier Communications.

Starkey Hearing Technology has been utilizing Invoca’s Signal AI to recognize the caller’s actions that most likely end up in a purchase. According to the company’s manager of retail marketing, Colleen Farrell, the conversation data that the Starkey is currently receiving from its calls has enabled it to augment its marketing strategies in a bid to retarget clients in real-time. This undertaking has greatly minimized the company’s expenditure and boosted conversion rates.

On the other hand, Frontier Communications, the country’s largest pure-rural communications company, has been leveraging Signal AI in analyzing conversations in real-time to comprehend the intentions of the buyer. By doing so, the company is in a better position to understand where some callers fail to buy. For instance, because of competitor offers, pricing or other different reasons. With this information, Frontier Communications gets the needed insight to come up with personalized offers that can spearhead conversations.

Bryan Flores, Frontier Communications’ AVP of media and analytics, said that through using Signal AI, its marketing team has been in a position to start classifying its interactions with customers by the reason for their call. It also analyzes the results of the call and the causes of such outcomes.

Flores added that by relating the information gathered back to the types of customers, Frontier communications gain a better position to spot patterns in both behaviors and needs. Further, this technique can be used for treatment reasons in either the buying process for its prospects or in improving the experience of existing clients.

Invoca Signal AI includes the scale and power of machine learning to its call intelligence platform. Through Signal AI, marketers can discover insights from customer telephone conversations, which previously needed a slow and costly process of manually listening in and classifying call results. The call intelligence solution automatically evaluates the whole content of the conversation for call outcomes, behaviors, identifying customer intent and language patterns.

Marketers can get down to business in seconds through the company’s out-of-the-box pre-trained signals or even creating custom signals to deal with extra specific business needs. The AI-driven intelligence can be pushed to various platforms including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Adobe Experience Cloud, Facebook, and Google, in a bid to make it easy for marketers to connect telephone calls to the client’s entire digital journey.

Nathan Ziv, Invoca’s VP of Product said that although there’s a lot of buzz about AI, markers could be feeling that the journey to ROI is unclear and challenging to implement.

He also expressed excitement regarding the future of AI at Invoca. Ziv also said that the company had made several investments not only in its product but also data science team to make sure that it is delivering the most innovative technology to its customers.

Source PRNewswire

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KC Cheung
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