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Adobe Collaborates with Microsoft for Voice AI to Query & Search Contracts

Adobe, the company behind the creation of PDFs and Readers such as Acrobat, is rolling out new voice artificial intelligence (AI) to assist more people in asking natural language questions regarding contracts among other documents.

Known as intelligent agents, the prototype functions together with natural language processing (NLP) drawn from Microsoft’s AI Cognitive Services and is taught how to understand contract and agreement queries.

Speech-to-text translation among other types of conversational AI could assist Document Cloud software users in querying such documents for various answers to questions such as “How does the price compare to the price from the previous vendor?” or “How much does this cost?”

Document Cloud software’s intelligent agents are expected to officially be rolled out soon at Sneaks, an event that is hosted by comedian Mindy Kaling to highlight the possible capabilities of Adobe Software.

Other announcements expected to be made during Sneaks not only include augmented reality for maps but also the leveraging of Adobe’s Sensei AI in forecasting future actions based on the understanding of historical data.

Even though no specific release date has been announced for the prototype feature developed by designers and engineers drawn from Adobe’s research and development lab, the intelligent agents’ ability could one day be integrated into Adobe’s Document Cloud software suite.

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Through a phone interview, an Adobe spokesman recently told VentureBeat that similar features for other extensive documents such as white papers that are seen in PDFs viewed using Acrobat could also be in the development stage.

The inclusion of Acrobat for viewing PDFs and Sign to send and approve documents in Microsoft 365 entails that the intelligent agent’s element could become available for clients utilizing software tools such as PowerPoint, Excel, or Word.

Both Adobe and Microsoft entered into a collaboration aimed at supporting more efficient enterprise activities in 2016.

Intelligent agents would also be in a position to generate visuals of the various cited text in an attempt to respond to natural language queries from users.

The particular feature enhances the capability of comparing contracts by understanding various strings of similar language existing between documents – a Compare tool already exists in Acrobat.

Adobe’s spokesperson said that classifying different types of documents, such as a contract or white paper, makes up part of the initiative by the company to assist people in comprehending the contents found in a document.

For quite some time, Adobe has been pioneering the importance of voice and plans to roll out voice for assistance or control into all its individual products.

For many years now, company executives including Abhay Parasnis, the chief technology officer of Adobe, have been talking about AI assistants that not only assist people in completing tasks but also help creatives with insufficient knowledge of using sophisticated software in completing activities professionally.

Autodesk has also demonstrated similar ambitions, especially for the company’s assistant dubbed Ava.

Adobe is an American based global computer software entity that operates from its headquarters in San Jose, California.

Historically, the company has focused on the development of creativity and multimedia software tools but has been making an effort to venture into the digital marketing software space.

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