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Retail & Consumer

ViSenze an Image Recognition Startup Raises $20m

ViSenze, an image recognition startup that delivers visual search tools designed for online retailers...

Domino’s Leverages AI to Earn Customer Loyalty

In its effort to garner customer loyalty as the SuperBowl pizza rush approaches, Domino’s...

Fraugster a Machine Learning Anti-Fraud Startup Raises $14M

Fraugster, a startup situated in Berlin, applies machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms...

EBay’s AI Can Detect 40% of Credit Card Fraud with Unmatched Accuracy

Credit card fraud is a currently a widespread crime. In fact, in 2014, out...

Lenovo Launches Cashier-Free Convenience Store

Recently, Lenovo made headlines after it joined the list of companies with cashier-less stores...

How the World’s Biggest Beer Company AB InBev Embraces AI and Cloud Technology

Currently, all entities regardless of their size are adopting cloud computing services in a...

A Look at Airbnb‘s Journey to AI Driven Search

Airbnb, online booking platform, has over 5 million property listings and tens of thousands...

AI Travel App Hopper Raises $100M at $780M Valuation

The development of technology has significantly improved travel logistics for many families worldwide. One...

Facebook Using AI to Accelerate the Performance of it’s Web Server

Facebook must run numerous live tests in a bid to decide which configurations are... Secures $30M to Create the World’s Largest AI Exchange

Toronto-based artificial intelligence company recently made an announcement detailing the completion of its...


Top 25 AI Software for the Banking Industry

AI software is a major growth industry. Tractica predicts that by 2025 it will be worth $118.6 billion dollars. This growth is largely being driven...

Data Science – 8 Powerful Applications

Data science is one of the most exciting emerging fields. As we will see throughout the course of this article it is increasingly becoming an...

10 Powerful Applications of AI in Retail

As we can see from its current applications, the potential uses for artificial intelligence in retail are endless. Artificial intelligence in retail has become a...

10 Applications of Machine Learning in Oil & Gas

The modern business world is becoming increasingly technology-driven. Many areas, such as healthcare, have been quick to realise the possibilities. AI and machine learning...

Top 10 Applications of AI in Law

As new technologies continue to develop and evolve they are increasingly impacting other areas and professions. The role of artificial intelligence in law is...

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine – Top 10 Applications

Our ability to find ways to heal our bodies dates back to the stone age, we found many solutions in nature, but in order...