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Our AI news service is founded on the principles of offering objective, impartial and incisive news and insights from across the world.

We’re the industries first port of call for all AI news and insights, market research, networking, and events.

Our content cuts through the jargon and provides practical business advice for executives to make actionable decisions.

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Corporate Subscription AI News Service

An Algorithm-X Lab AI News subscription provides you with customized AI news and insights to help organizations to understand the challenges with this disruptive technology.

Our AI news service is specifically customized to your needs whether you are in financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, professional services, government, transport, media, and retail.

Whether your challenges are requiring accurate, relevant AI news to deliver improved efficiency of decision-making, keeping abreast of a constantly changing AI industry and a rapidly developing landscape, specific intelligence on certain technologies like machine learning, or specific company like Deepmind, Microsoft AI, our comprehensive coverage ensures you don’t miss out on the latest developments.

To ensure you have the most comprehensive understanding and insights, our coverage includes machine learning, deep learning, chatbot, robotic process automation (RPA), neural networks, cognitive computing, natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, augmented reality, robotics, ai robots, self-driving cars, image recognition and many more.

Our high-quality AI news and analysis can help you promptly react and respond to industry developments, expand your knowledge and insights, speed up decision-making and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Our clients include some of the world’s top multinational companies in sectors diverse as financial services, healthcare, retail right through to the biggest names in technology and innovative startups.

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Case studies

International Bank

The client

A large international bank operating in all the major countries around the world.

The challenges

The bank wanted a very specific news service which can deliver accurate, timely, relevant AI business news from around the world.

The benefits

Algorithm-X Lab has helped the bank to promptly react and respond to the latest AI developments, thus improve decision-making and efficiency.

Pharmaceutical company

The client

Global pharmaceutical giant operating across the world.

The challenges

The client is currently swamped with information, often not relevant to their interests and needs.

The benefits

Our solution brought clarity to their staff and kept them abreast of latest developments and helped them stay ahead of the curve.

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