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AI Startup Raises $26.5M for Managing Relationships

Relationships are a complicated thing. They are common in the business world, whereby the second-degree...

Intel Leads $30M Investment in RPA Startup Catalytic

Recently, robotic process automation (RPA) software firm Catalytic announced the closing of its $30...

SoftBank Bets Big on AI Startup Globality with $100M

SoftBank Vision Fund, which is SoftBank Group’s venture capital fund worth $100 billion, recently...

Element AI – Canada’s Hottest AI Startup Set To Launch its First Products

Element AI, the most prominent artificial intelligence (AI) company to come out of Canada,...

AI Chip Startup Aims to Take on Industry Giants

In the middle of the historic city of Bristol in England, about 150 engineers...

AI Drug Discovery Startup Exscientia Raises $26M and Partners with Roche

Exscientia recently created an artificial intelligence (AI) platform for augmenting drug discovery in both...

SoftBank Invests $400M into Zymergen a Synthetic Bio AI Startup

Zymergen is a five-year-old company that is involved in the manufacturing of molecules for...

AI Startup Megvii Valued at $3.5B after Raising $500M

According to sources familiar with the story, Megvii Inc., a Chinese AI provider that...

AI Startup ByteDance to Raise Nearly $1.45B for AI Investments

Beijing-based ByteDance Technology Co is one of the most valuable AI startup in the...

Chinese AI Startup Horizon Robotics to Raise $1B

One of the leading AI chip designers in China, Horizon Robotics, is raising a...


Top 25 AI Software for the Banking Industry

AI software is a major growth industry. Tractica predicts that by 2025 it will be worth $118.6 billion dollars. This growth is largely being driven...

Data Science – 8 Powerful Applications

Data science is one of the most exciting emerging fields. As we will see throughout the course of this article it is increasingly becoming an...

10 Powerful Applications of AI in Retail

As we can see from its current applications, the potential uses for artificial intelligence in retail are endless. Artificial intelligence in retail has become a...

10 Applications of Machine Learning in Oil & Gas

The modern business world is becoming increasingly technology-driven. Many areas, such as healthcare, have been quick to realise the possibilities. AI and machine learning...

Top 10 Applications of AI in Law

As new technologies continue to develop and evolve they are increasingly impacting other areas and professions. The role of artificial intelligence in law is...

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine – Top 10 Applications

Our ability to find ways to heal our bodies dates back to the stone age, we found many solutions in nature, but in order...