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SAP is the First European Tech Company to Create an AI Ethics Advisory Panel

Recently, SAP revealed its guiding principles for AI as well as its development of an external artificial intelligence (ethics advisory panel). This move makes it the first technology company in Europe to do such a thing.

The panel, which is made up of various experts drawn from industry, politics, and academia will not only be in charge of ensuring the adoption of the principles but also further developing them in partnership with SAP’s AI steering committee, which entails a group of SAP executives from human resources m strategy and development.

The external panel, the new guidelines, and the internal committee all aim at ensuring that the artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that are backed by SAP Leonardo Machine Learning capabilities are utilized in maintaining trust and integrity in all solutions.

Being a market leader, particularly in enterprise technology that affects 77% of the globe ’s transaction revenue and serves over 400,000 customers globally, SAP applications and solutions impact billions of lives daily.

“SAP considers the ethical use of data a core value. We want to create software that enables intelligent enterprise and actually improves people’s lives. Such principles will serve as the basis to make AI a technology that augments human talent,” said the Chief Financial Officer and Member of the Executive Board, SAP Luka Mucic.

SAP guiding principles mirror the company’s deep commitment to complying with the highest ethical standards.

In fact, they help in accentuating the key values that SAP applies in a bid to facilitate business beyond bias as well as maintain integrity and transparency while upholding safety and quality.

What ’s more, the principles support SAP in declining to compromise on both privacy and data protection and allow SAP to become an active participant in communities that take part in resolving the broader obstacles of AI.

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Here is a list of the five members of the panel who have already been confirmed:

  • Prof. Dr. Helen Nissenbaum, Professor, Cornell Tech Information Science
  • Dr. Susan Liautaud; Founder and Managing Director, Susan Liautaud & Associates Limited (SLAL); Lecturer in Public Policy and Law, Stanford
  • Prof. Dr. Theol. Peter Dabrock, Chair of Systematic Theology (Ethics), University of Erlangen-Nuernberg
  • Dr. Nicholas Wright; Affiliated Scholar, Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics Georgetown University Medical Center; Consultant, Intelligent Biology; Honorary Research Associate, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London
  • Prof. Dr. Henning Kagermann; acatech Senator; Chairman, acatech Board of Trustees

SAP is expected to add extra members in the forthcoming months.

“AI offers immense opportunities, but it also raises unprecedented and often unpredictable ethics challenges for society and humanity. The AI ethics advisory panel allows us to ensure an ethical AI, which serves humanity and benefits society,” said Dr. Susan Liautaud.

Implementing a European Strategy for AI

The guiding principles also play a role in contributing to Europe ’s debate on artificial intelligence (AI). In fact, the European Commission has selected SAP’s Senior VP, Machine Learning Markus Noga to join the high-level specialist group on AI.

The aim of the group was to come up with a European AI plan and suggest ethical guidelines about safety, transparency, fairness, as well as the future of democracy and work by early 2019.

Source SAP

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