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New AI Development Service by Oracle

Most people are familiar with the cloud and the great capabilities that it can offer. However, Oracle was late joining that party and ever since they’ve been desperately trying to catch up. In doing so it’s managed to add a range of services that customers would expect from an innovative cloud provider. One of the newest features to be added incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) into the company’s services.

Some recent announcements to come from Oracle confirm included news of a new autonomous database service as well as a new blockchain service. The AI integration news comes in addition to those. Developers need advanced tools and technologies that will enable them to tap into AI capabilities without too many issues. The new service on offer by Oracle focuses on giving its customers a similar set of tools and technologies to create their own bespoke AI applications.

“One thing is we try to push use cases as far as possible. The [internal development teams] give us technology and we also drive the technology. We are the biggest customer internally. We bring together those pieces so we can build [intelligent] apps,” said Jack Berkowitz, vice president of products and data science for Oracle adaptive intelligence.

According to Amit Zavery, senior vice president at Oracle Cloud, it’s all about providing your customers with a set of services they require. It also entails giving them the tools they need to adapt that service even further by adding their own apps on top. He believes it’s about allowing access to libraries, development tools, and common frameworks by bringing them together in one platform service. With this service, developers have a choice of common tools to utilise including Neo4j, Google TensorFlow, or Caffe.

The main aim of Oracle is to make it easier for customers to build their own AI applications. “What we find with these frameworks and tooling, is that it’s not easy to set up as an integrated offering, and the evolution is happening so fast that it’s tough to keep up with what you should be using in terms of APIs around that,” said Zavery. Hopefully, this service will take away some of those problems for developers.

It’s not just the AI development platform that the company’s been working on, and over the next few weeks specific offerings around adaptive intelligence apps, chatbots, and the Internet of Things will too be available, so watch this space.

Original source Techcrunch

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