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Google and Amazon are Undertaking an AI Gadget Revolution.

The technology industry is going through a huge change right now. Artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing are becoming more essential to businesses and technology, in general, is advancing at a phenomenal rate. For Amazon and Google, it’s good times ahead as they begin a gadget revolution. But how on earth is poor old Apple going to keep up with them?

One of the reasons AI has taken off so much over the past few years is that it enables us to make better use of the processors that we’ve got. The idea is not to make the ones we have work harder, but to make them work smarter. Take the Google Pixel 2 smartphone for example. It was released early October and while it’s nothing special technologically, it is packed with AI features. It has Google Assistant which is far better and more advanced than Siri, it becomes a universal translator with the Pixel Buds Headphones, and will only get better, says Google.

Now it’s Amazon’s turn. Internet retail giant Amazon is also causing quite a stir when it comes to AI gadgets. Because its famous Alexa AI lives in Amazon’s massive data centers, a $50 Amazon Echo Dot is just as effective and clever as a $229 Amazon Echo Show. When any of these AI assistants are asked a question, that question is hoofed up to the cloud where it’s analyzed before formulating the best possible answer.

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The introduction of these new AI gadgets may cause issues for Apple as it will soon become much harder to get people to upgrade their phones or computers, etc. There are only so many new features that can be added. So, for Apple the gadget revolution is a bit of a problem. With so much of the company’s revenue coming from the sale of iPhones there may be trouble ahead. It appears many people are preferring to stick with the old iPhone 7 opposed to upgrading to the iPhone 8 as the difference in features just isn’t worth the extra cost.

While Apple’s been investing heavily in R&D, it’s still no match for the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, or Google which is evident by just looking at the differences with what Google Assistant and Alexa can do in comparison to Apple’s Siri. But, it’s still not the end of the road for Apple just yet as they still have the sellout sales of the iPhone X to boost their spirits (and sales). However, things may become a little more difficult for the company in the near future and it needs to at least keep in front of the smartphone market if it is to survive.

Source BusinessInsider

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