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Forming Strategic Partnerships with Tech Giants will be key in Driverless Car Revolution

The race to introduce self-automated vehicles in the general market continues at a fast pace. The U.S. Senate has approved a deal that gives automakers the capacity to put self-automated vehicles on public roads.

The only clause is that the self-automated technology must aid in enhancing mobility especially for individuals suffering from disabilities, provide new jobs and aid in saving lives.

If these contingencies are met, self-automated cars would be ready to be introduced fully in the coming years.

A piece of legislation was recently passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in an effort to place the U.S. ahead of driverless technologies.

The House bill gives automotive manufacturers the authority to produce 25,000 self-driving vehicles. Once the factor of safety has been proven, the initial amount would be elevated to 100,000.

First to market

The implementation of charging stations and fully automated cars was done by Tesla’s Elon Musk.

In a bid to also stay ahead, Germany’s Daimler AG and Japan Nissan have both announced self-automated vehicles being produced in the coming years.

It has been stated by Carmakers that there will be lots of issues to tackle, foremost of which include the legal questions, a technical setback as well as considerations of safety that must be dealt with before driverless vehicles hit the road.

Jumping into the fray

Carmakers have come a long distance from the early plans for self-automated vehicles to date.

Audi is a part of the car companies that have added self-driving functionalities to their offering.

The A8 which is a commercial vehicle with a level 3 self-automated capacity was introduced by the company.

Google which is also a well-known giant in technology has also joined the frenzy to introduce driverless vehicles to the market.

Waymo is the self-driving division of Alphabet, Google’s parent company which had produced some innovative technology for self-automated cars as well as with Chrysler.

Bentley, a well-known British brand has also stated that it is working on self-driving technology.

Creating partnerships

Reinforcing the efforts for the deployment of self-automated vehicles in the market in the coming years are partnerships between tech firms, automakers, and ride-hailing firms.

Ford has created a partnership with Lyft as parts of its futuristic plans to provide self-automated cars.

Additionally, Toyota Research Institute picked up on Luminar which is a start-up organization before its launch in April.

Source Venture Beat


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