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9 Everyday Examples of Artificial Intelligence Now

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a computer science branch that focuses on the creation of intelligent machines that work and think like human beings.

For instance, problem-solving, speech recognition, planning, and learning.

Currently, AI is a topic that is rapidly drawing the attention of business and technology companies globally.

Most industry experts and analysts are convinced that machine learning or artificial intelligence will be the future – but looking around, this technology is already the present.

Thanks to technological advancement, almost everybody is connected to artificial intelligence in a certain way – whether through Alexa, Watson or Siri.

Although the technology is still in its initial stage, more organizations are investing a considerable portion of their resources in machine learning.

This trend shows the possibility of increased growth in AI applications and products in the coming future.

Here are some statistics to give you a hint of the growth:

  • Back in 2014, Bloomberg revealed that over $300 million was put into artificial intelligence startups, indicating a growth of 300 percent compared to 2013.
  • Gartner said that by 2018, about 6 billion connected gadgets would proactively request for support.
  • Gartner also said that by the close of 2018, “customer digital assistants” would identify customers by voice and face across partners and channels.
  • Forrester also revealed that AI would take over 16 percent of all American jobs by the close of the decade.
  • BGR, on the other hand, said that 15 percent of all Apple users or owners use Siri’s voice recognition feature.

Contrary to the general perception, AI is not in any way limited to the technology industry or IT space.

In fact, it is currently being widely used in other areas like manufacturing, law, education, medical, and business.

Here are 9 AI solutions that are currently in use, proving that machine learning is not a future thing but a present one.

1. Siri

Siri is among the renowned personal assistants provided by Apple through iPads and iPhones.

The welcoming female voice-activated personal assistant communicates with users on an everyday routine.

She helps them in finding information, sending messages, getting directions, opening applications, adding events to the calendar, and making voice calls.

Siri utilizes machine-learning technology to obtain natural language requests and questions.

It is undeniably among the most iconic representations of the machine learning capabilities of devices.

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2. Tesla

Automobiles are also moving towards AI.

If you are a car enthusiast, Tesla is something worth your attention/ interest.

Aside from attaining numerous accolades, the vehicle boasts predictive and self-driving abilities.

If you have hopes to own a car that looks like the ones shown in Hollywood films, then Tesla is the right vehicle for you.

The car is becoming more intelligent every day thanks to over the air upgrades

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3. Cogito

Originally established by Joshua and Dr. Sandy, Cogito is among the best cases of the behavioral version for boosting the intelligence level of customer support reps on the market today.

The firm combines behavioral science and machine learning in a bid to enhance customer collaboration, particularly for phone experts.

Cogito’s AI solution helps in analyzing the human voice and, in turn, delivers real-time guidance in an effort to improve behavior.

4. Netflix

Without the need for any introduction, Netflix is a globally renowned content-on-demand service that leverages predictive technology to provide recommendations based on the behavior, choices, interest, and reactions of consumers.

The technology used by the company goes through several records in a bid to recommend films based on a person’s reactions and liking.

Netflix is undoubtedly becoming increasingly intelligent year by year.

The only disadvantage of this remarkable technology is that small films are rarely noticed whereas the big ones are popular on the platform.

However, the platform is still learning and becoming smarter.

5. Pandora

Pandora is among the highly demanded and most popular technology solutions today.

In fact, it is referred to as music’s DNA.

Relying on 400 musical attributes, the team of professional musicians personally analyzes a song.

Pandora is also ideal for recommending songs that would go unnoticed

6. Nest (Google)

Nest was among the most successful and popular artificial intelligence startups.

Google acquired the company back in 2014 for 3.2 billion dollars.

The company’s Nest Learning Thermostat utilizes behavioral algorithms to conserve energy based on your schedule and behavior.

It leverages a smart machine learning process that identifies your preferred temperature and programs itself accordingly in nearly a week.

Additionally, the thermostat automatically switches off, to save energy, especially when no one is at home.

The technology integrates Bluetooth and AI low-energy since some of its components use BLE solutions and services.

7. Boxever

Boxever is a company that depends on machine learning technology to boost the customer experience in the travel industry and relays experiences or micro-moments that can make the customers happy.

The company boosts customer engagement by combining artificial intelligence and machine learning to control the playing field, allowing customers to not only identify new ways but also make memories.

8. Flying Drones

Currently, the flying drones are being used to ship products to clients’ homes, even though this initiative is on test mode.

They represent a machine learning system that can translate the surroundings into a 3D model thanks to video cameras and sensors.

Cameras and sensors are able to identify the position of the drones available in the room by mainly fixing them to the ceiling.

Trajectory generation algorithm helps in guiding the drones on where and how to move.

9. Echo

Established by Amazon, Echo is not only becoming more intelligent but also acquiring new capabilities.

It is an innovative product capable of assisting you to answer questions, report weather and traffic, search the web for information, shop, schedule appointments, control lights, and read audiobooks among other things.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is garnering popularity at an increased pace; influencing the way people interact, live and improving the customer experience as well.

Considering this impact, expect to witness more governance, development, and improvement in this area in the oncoming years

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