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Cylance Rolls Out its Native AI Platform

Cylance, the foremost provider of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered, prevention-first security solutions, recently rolled out the company’s native AI platform.

The platform provides a full selection of security solution via one, agile agent for all-inclusive attack surface protection, especially with deep-learning artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms in its DNA in a bid to support automated the detection of threats, prevention, investigation, and response functions to consumers globally.

Since Cylance has now successfully applied artificial intelligence (AI) to stop attacks from executing, especially at the endpoint, the company has moved to another groundbreaking use of native AI: detecting and responding to threats.

Through implementing advanced machine learning to modules designed for threat detection, the Cylance AI platform continually analyzes alterations taking place on an individual endpoint in a bid to identify threats that would be either difficult or impossible for a security analyst to spot in real time.

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Once a potential threat is spotted, the Cylance AI platform then takes automated, selected, decisive actions to respond and prevent it from causing any harm.

“Businesses using endpoint solutions with AI as an add-on feature continue to be challenged by over-alerting and the resource demands of chasing threats,” said Sasi Murthy, vice president of product marketing at Cylance.

“Organizations that require round-the-clock, expert-level protection across endpoints and networks are better served by a native AI platform that increases the level of security automation across the kill chain.

Cylance offers an open API architecture that enables organizations to combine the Cylance AI platform with their existing security environments for easy integration and streamlined data sharing across a variety of technology tools.

The result? Enterprise best-of-breed deployments and a stronger return on existing investments.”

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The Cylance AI platform can operate as an autonomous driving security operations center (SOC), whereby response-to-active dangers can be set off without any human intervention.

For senior teams that prefer a hands-on technique, Cylance provides the necessary data needed for making response choices in an easy-to-use interface.

The AI platform minimizes both the density and frequency of security data and alerts relayed to other controls and provides support to the first AI-powered endpoint detection and response solution in the industry, specifically designed for on-demand hunting of threats and automated response functions.

“As a healthcare company, keeping our endpoints secure can quite literally be the difference between life and death,” said Jerry Sto. Tomas, Chief information security officer at Apria Healthcare.

“Keeping all of our devices online and shielded from threats is critical to patient safety as well as business operations. Cylance offers a robust, lightweight model that integrates easily into our technology stack and provides predictive detection and threat mitigation capabilities that free up my team for more advanced work.”

The Cylance AI platform entails a unified technology that is developed on continuous-integration-continuous-delivery (CICD) values for delivering business functions at a high velocity to stay updated with the ever-changing market needs.

Important to note, the platform also provides a predictive edge over never-before-seen malware on an average of 25 months before appearing online.

Cylance ran malware conviction models in consumer settings, which managed to detect and keep away the leading 10 malware attacks, about two years before they were first detected.

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