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Suki AI-Driven Doctor Assistant gets $20M in Financing

Suki, a startup involved in making voice-powered and AI-driven digital assistants for physicians, recently received $20 million in a financial round that was led by Venrock. The exercise drew the participation of companies such as Marc Benioff, Social Capital, and First Round.

The technology created by Suki was developed to ease doctors’ work, especially when it comes to handling the paperwork and updating the EHR of their patients. Aside from that, the voice-enabled and AI-powered digital assistant was also developed to slowly personalize itself based on an individual doctor.

What this means is that the more time the particular platform spends around doctors, the more it learns about what they need. Even so, the digital assistant can capture data over time as well as find and restore patient data.

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Suki’s digital assistant can listen in on the conversations between doctors and their patients in a bid to come up with a treatment suggestion based on the knowledge gathered about clinical practice guidelines and a doctor’s preferences.

According to Punit Soni, the co-founder and chief executive officer of Suki, artificial intelligence is transforming the world and it’s about time that it delivers the same effect on the healthcare sector.

He went on to defend his statement by saying that doctors are currently spending a significant portion of their day concentrating on paperwork rather than on providing quality patient care. This situation has led to an increasing rate of doctor burn out, which is not from work that is beneficial to patients.

Suki appears to have found a way to remedy the situation on behalf of doctors through creating a solution that is personalized to every individual doctor. Even so, the solution is not only easy to implement to make a doctor’s day easier but it is also inexpensively scalable. Punit Soni likened the digital AI to having a chief resident, who knows how you practice, in the same exam room.

Redwood City acknowledged the impressive effort by Suki by saying that the startup reduces the time that doctors use to make medical notes by 60 percent. Formerly known as Robin AI, The Redwood City is a California-based startup that was created through the collaboration of former Salesforce and Google employees. Currently, the company’s technology is utilized in 12 active pilots spread across different specialties in both Georgia and California.

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Dr. Michael Behr, a participant in Suki’s pilot and medical director of OrthoAtlanta, asserted in a statement that Suki and the artificial intelligence(AI) it delivers to the EHR would significantly boost a physician ’s capacity to spend less time in front of a computer and more time with a patient. He concluded his comment by saying that medical providers would eagerly welcome this impressive advancement in healthcare technology.

As a testament to the proliferation of voice-enabled AI in the healthcare sector, other companies like WebMD have adopted Amazon Alexa, which allows users to ask all kinds of health-related queries. Following such efforts by Suki and WebMD, more companies can be expected to come up with similar technologies or integrate them into their operations in the near future.

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