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Nvidia Thinks Self-Driving Cars will be Here Within the Next Four Years

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang certainly seems to think so. Self-driving cars are very much the hype at the moment in terms of artificial technology (AI).

Many automakers and tech firms are quickly jumping on board with autonomy to offer their customers the next big trend that’s about to hit our roads. While no one’s really sure when this self-driving boom will happen, Huang believes it will be within the next four years.

“It will take no more than four years to have fully autonomous cars on the road. How long it takes for the vast majority of cars on the road to become that, it really just depends,” said Huang.

Four years is probably a fair estimate as to when we’ll begin to see autonomous cars on the roads, but it will take much longer than that for everyone to jump onboard.

Many people are still reluctant to take on the likes of AI and self-driving technology, and not everyone will be won around quite so easily.

It’s the same with any new technology. It takes time to integrate and for people to catch on at how good it is.

The first batch of fully autonomous cars are likely to be quite expensive too which is another reason the trend may be a little slow to take off.

However, as the AI technology gets better, and prices start to come down, more people will begin to make the switch.

Another area that is of great concern for all is obviously safety.

But, to people’s minds at ease, in all the testing that’s been done so far with these autonomous cars, the few accidents that have happened have all been down to human error opposed to the AI.

Even so, it’s likely to take a few more years before everyone is comfortable with a computer driving them around.

While Nvidia may have made its million in the gaming industry predominantly, it’s now dipping its toe into other areas of AI, particularly self-driving.

Huang fully believes that it’s AI that will make self-driving a reality and is quite happy to get involved.

The company recently partnered with Elon Musk and Tesla to provide the chips that are to go in the company’s new line of self-driving motors.

Source Techfrag

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