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Microsoft Azure Unveils AI that Automates AI Development

Microsoft, a global software giant, recently unveiled several new artificial intelligence (AI) services for workplaces that include new techniques of expediting the training of custom Cortana voice applications for the enterprise, a new service for the automated building of machine learning models and AI systems.

The automated creation of artificial intelligence (AI) models drawn from Azure Machine Learning will not only choose the algorithm to use but also optimize model performance without any support from a human data scientist.

The revolutionary service from Microsoft is expected to compete with other similar services that that leverage machine learning technology, such as AutoML from Google. What’s more, Nvidia is also looking into the idea of the semi-autonomous establishment of artificial intelligence (AI) models with Project Maglev.

The Azure Cognitive Service also got an update. Speech Service became available for both speech translation and recognition. Furthermore, Microsoft’s cutting-edge new speech synthesis dubbed Human Parity Text-to-Speech is also currently available in preview. All these announcements were made at the Microsoft Ignite conference, which hosted in Orlando, FL for IT experts.

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Aside from the announcement of the Azure Service launch, more models that are compatible with field-programmable gate array(FPGA) chips such as the ones utilized in Project Brainwave to quickly boost artificial intelligence(AI) training speeds were also unveiled as well as a Python SDK designed for Azure Machine Learning.

Also, during the announcement, Microsoft released the Cortana Skills Kit for Enterprise in a bid to enable individual companies and developers to come up with custom voice applications designed for both external and internal uses.

The product is known for its potential to boost competition with other technology companies such as Amazon and Cisco, which are currently on track to create their own intelligent assistants, specifically for the workplace.

Towards this end, Microsoft Teams is presently getting artificial intelligence (AI) updates, as well as, with background blur and time-encoded meeting transcriptions that utilize facial recognition to make sure an individual’s figure or face is the only thing that is visible in a video call. Away from Teams, other AI-driven services were also launched for 365 customers.

Another announcement by Microsoft touched on its AI for Humanitarian Action project, which is a $40 million initiative that is expected to run for five years.

The project marks the third leading AI for Good initiative from the global software giant since the summer of 2017. Furthermore, Microsoft has invested a staggering $115 million in AI, which is meant for solving some of the key problems affecting humanity.

Source VentureBeat

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