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Intel Unveils its Saffron AI Suite for the Aerospace and Manufacturing Industries

Intel has launched a version of its Saffron artificial intelligence (AI) platform dubbed Intel® Saffron™ AI Quality and Maintenance Decision Support Suite. The new suite of AI-powered software apps uses reasoning and memory learning to expedite issue resolution. It is intended to assist businesses in the aerospace and manufacturing industries, especially in enhancing product quality and optimizing supply chains.

Gayle Sheppard, the general manager and vice president of Saffron AI Group at Intel, said clients such as Accenture, a leading aircraft manufacturing company, and Intel have started receiving exceptional value from Intel Saffron AI Software. He added that the new platform digs into different data sources to unearth some of the customers’ best practices, in a bid to provide such companies with usable insights for faster issue resolution.

The Intel Saffron AI Quality and Maintenance Decision Support Suite is comprised of dual software applications including Similarity Advisor Funds and Classification Advisors. The former locates the closest issue to the one under review, across both open and resolved cases while recognizing paths to resolution drawn from past cases and developing duplicates to minimize backlogs. The latter, on the other hand, automatically categorizes work problems into pre-set groups, self-defined or regulator mandated, which expedite and boost reporting accuracy while enhancing operations planning.

The new platform takes advantage of the technology that Intel gained from its acquisition of Saffron in 2015. Saffron is well known for being the developer behind the creation of a cognitive computing platform that is now a vital part of Intel’s big data, security efforts, and the Internet of things.

Accenture represents one of the use cases of the Intel Saffron AI Quality and Maintenance Decision Support Suite. The company is currently utilizing the technology to aid its customers in resolving issues faster, minimize wasted efforts in defect resolution and product testing.

According to Kishore Durg, Accenture’s director of Global Testing Services Lead, Testing is changing into quality engineering whereby applied intelligence is a vital tool for spearheading agility and productivity. He added that the Accenture Touchless Testing Platform was improved with artificial intelligence (AI) technology drawn from Intel Saffron AI, which delivers visualization and analytics capabilities.

The Intel Saffron AI works through the simulation of the natural ability of a human being to learn, recall and reason in real time. In fact, it utilizes associative memory reasoning and learning to evaluate both structured and unstructured text data sets in an attempt to identify hidden similarities, trends, and patterns. In turn, it avails insights gathered in a transparent manner via an easy-to-use interface to allow human operators to make well-informed decisions.

Intel Saffron AI Suite is important because it delivers more accurate and faster data-driven information in an interface that is easy-to-use. As such, it offers businesses a chance to speed up supply chain optimization, maintenance planning improvement, product quality enhancement and issue resolution.

Technical operations teams in various industries like aerospace, software, and manufacturing are expected to be the greatest beneficiaries of the new platform. As part of Intel’s AI portfolio, Intel Saffron AI Suite provides an all-inclusive lineup of new technologies the AI insists on transforming from theory to real-world success.

Source Zdnet

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