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IBM Unveils IBM AI OpenScale to Combat AI Sprawl

Recently, IBM unveiled OpenScale, which is a platform developed to aid businesses in creating, running, managing and operating artificial intelligence(AI) apps. The launch of the platform serves as part of IBM’s current effort to become an artificial intelligence (AI) management plane as well as include transparency to black-box techniques.

Even though AI sprawl is not yet here today, it will soon be. As a result, businesses could eventually be faced with a management headache. What ’s more, IBM has been advocating for additional AI tools and transparency that enable business executives and data scientists to identify flaws in models.

For the case of IBM, AI OpenScale serves as part of a multi-pronged plan to place its wares not only as being more open but also serve as an integrator for security analysis, multiple clouds, and data.

According to the General Manager of AI and Watson Data at IBM Beth Smith, AI today entails a mesh of frameworks, models and tools. “People use a variety of tools. Some are roll your own,” explained Smith, who also said that IBM AI OpenScale marks an interoperable system, which can support artificial intelligence(AI) implementations.

The AI Open Scale platform is expected to be available at a later date this year, primarily on both IBM Cloud Private and IBM Cloud.

The platform will run artificial intelligence (AI) applications as well as debug them for various things such as bias. The AI OpenScale platform is anticipated to support various frameworks like Azure ML, AWS SageMaker, SparkML, Keras, Watson, and Tensorflow among others.

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NeuNetS forms a section of the AI OpenScale. In fact, it makes up a system that cannot only automate but also create AI.

According to Smith, NeuNetS can narrow down an enterprise skills gap and save data scientists a lot of time. Furthermore, IBM’s AI OpenScale is developed to explain how artificial intelligence (AI) applications reach decisions, make sure all AI models are fair at runtime and offer an audit trail.

Here are several examples and points of how AI OpenScale would operate in practice:

  • AI OpenScale optimizes and manages artificial intelligence (AI) applications. However, data scientists would create models, particularly in their preferred framework.
  • Nonetheless, IBM AI OpenScale will automate most items found in the artificial intelligence (AI) development process. “AI OpenScale would bring fairness to an attribute in a model and does it in a way that doesn’t alter the base model, “asserted Smith.
  • AI OpenScale will abandon the original model, but later de-bias it with a revolutionary auto-generated model.
  • NeuNetS will be used in harnessing models and AI as well as expediting the development duration by month. According to Smith, NeuNetS has been utilized at IBM for several months.

For the IBM AI OpenScale to run within an enterprise, the customer would have to direct Big Blue to direct endpoint, particularly where the AI black box lives. IBM would not be in a position to manage inbuilt artificial intelligence (AI) in another application.

Individually, IBM unveiled Multi-cloud Manager, which is an operations tool based on Kubernetes containers. It is designed for managing both hybrid and public cloud deployments.

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