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AI Startup Kika Launches Voice Typing Keyboard for Android

Kika Tech a leading startup utilizing AI technology to transform communications. In its two years’ existence, the company’s ecosystem has attained remarkable successes including 60 million monthly active users, an engagement rate of 120 times per user per day and a user base 400 million installations.

Kika also offers users the capacity to communicate authentically through forecasting context and insights in a bid to improve expressive communication. In turn, this effort helps to preserve the genuine nature that characterizes human interactions or conversations.

Recently, Kika made news with the unveiling of its flagship product dubbed Voice Board, which is a voice typing, complete function keyboard that is designed for Android devices.

Thanks to the revolutionary product, voice typing can now act as the main method of sending messages as opposed to being simply an add-on to the conventional keyboard. In fact, Voice Board can allow users to rectify typos easier by a simple click or even voice command, add punctuations, and send emojis through voice as the main input technique.

Bill Hu, the CEO of Kika Tech, said that Kika’s speech recognition engine, which is developed using machine learning, rests at the core of Voice Board.

He added that users view voice typing as a redundant task since they still require switching back to the keyboard in a bid to type, which is one of the key issues Voice Board aims at tackling.

Both Ric Zhou and Bill Hu established Kika Tech back in 2016. The San Francisco, California-based AI is a startup that focuses on addressing all three objectives of human communication including sharing information, relaying requests, and having them fulfilled, as well as expressing emotional feelings.

Through integrating deep learning, natural language processing (NLP), as well as image and voice recognition, Kika’s vision is meant for individuals to interact more efficiently.

Aside from being Kika’s flagship product, Kika Keyboard boasts as the #1 rated utility application in Google Play Store.

It offers a flawless mobile experience to over 60 million users every month. What ’s more, Kika Tech has managed to secure about $63 million in financing and make strategic collaborations movie studios( Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox) Mobile manufacturers ( ZTE, Huawei, and Samsung), top GIF provider, GIPHY, and global sports franchises including FC Barcelona, and Real Madrid C.F.

Kika has proven itself to be a foremost company in the artificial intelligence (AI) space by taking advantage of three key factors including AI technology, a massive global volume of training data, and reliable use cases.

As an extension of the Kika Keyboard flagship product, Voice Board offers additional features compared to other voice-typing applications in the market today. It has made voice-typing an ideal chatting method, particularly in IM scenarios.

Voice Board is characterized by numerous features including smart correction, which enables users to correct typos quickly when using the new app. With this tool, users do not require going back to the main keyboard in a bid to delete and retype. Furthermore, Voice Board comes with pre-loaded components such as cursors, punctuations, and emojis to allow you to type the same way you are used to on a traditional keyboard.

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