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Algorithmia Launches Machine Learning Tools for Production

Seattle-based, artificial intelligence (AI) startup, Algorithmia has just announced the release of its new tool that will help companies bring their machine learning models into production from the experimentation stage.

The new system that’s making this possible is called the Algorithmia AI layer. It will assist companies with security, operation, scaling, integration, and other associated machine learning tasks.

Algorithmia is an open marketplace for algorithms. It was founded back in 2013 by Diego Oppenheimer and Kenny Daniel and is there to aid developers in creating AI applications.

For the past few years, the company’s been concentrating on getting the Algoritmia AI layer into production. Now that it is, exciting times lie ahead. The company has made a success through using its own machine learning model and now, in return, it’s going to share them with others.

While machine learning systems are developing its fine to have issues, but once they’ve been released, any flaws could cause serious problems for a business.

With Algorithmia, customers don’t have to worry about being locked into a particular ecosystem like they do with Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. It’s a reliable system that’s designed for running machine learning models in production with scalability, security, and isolation all built-in.

This new system makes its AI layer available in two different ways. The first is by the company hosting it as a cloud service.

That’s called the Serverless AI Layer. The second is for companies to use AI as they wish in whatever private or public datacenter they choose. That’s called the Enterprise AI Layer.

If companies build their own software using AI Layer they can take away the worry about getting locked in with a particular cloud provider.

Not only has Algorithmia gained interest from technology and manufacturing firms, but it’s also gained interest from the intelligence sector too.

One partnership the AI startup’s already formed in this area is with investment organization, In-Q-Tel, who are interested in combining the capabilities of high-tech companies with some of America’s top spy agencies.

“Algorithmia empowers U.S. government agencies to rapidly deploy new capabilities to the AI layer,” said Principal of Investments at In-Q-Tel, Katie Gray. “The platform delivers security, scalability, and discoverability so data scientists can focus on problem-solving.” Together they aim to get the AI system into various sectors of the government.

Source VentureBeat

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