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6 AI Startups Next on Intel’s Acquisition Target List?

Acquisition serves as one of the methods used by Intel to invest in artificial intelligence. Companies like Itseez, Nervana Systems, and Mobileye make up some of the acquisitions that have enabled the company to improve its AI competency.

The interest in AI has been at an all-time high. In turn, this trend has triggered a rise in acquisitions, especially in this space. In fact, Market Research Company CB Insights recently confirmed this point in its report citing that deals relating to AI startups rose from 150 to 698 between 2012 and 2016.

Intel is determined to build its artificial intelligence portfolio and is on the lookout for its next targets. Here are some of the potential AI startups that Intel could be eying for its future acquisition deal as follows:

1. Mighty AI

Mighty AI was established in 2014 as a smartphone app startup under the name Spare5. However, in 2017, it repurposed itself to aid companies in scaling their natural language processing models. The company provides a training data service platform that helps customers in solving big data issues. Intel serves as a customer to Mighty AI by selling the company’s training data services to its customers all over the world. Hence, integrating Mighty AI’s technology could be easy for Intel.

2. Lumiata

Lumiata was founded in 2016 and is involved in deploying AI in the healthcare sector through the application of data-driven medical science to the patients’ data. This endeavor enables hospitals to obtain real-time predictive AI analytics. Intel Capital led a $10 million round of financing for Lumiata at a time when the startup expedited its deployment of medical AI.

3. DataRobot

The acquisition of DataRobot may aid in broadening Intel’s predictive analytics AI capabilities. The startup provides a software platform for machines using the parallel processing method to analyze open-source library models like H2O and Python.

4. CognitiveScale

In August 2016, Intel collaborated with Norwest Venture Partners to co-lead a round of investment of $21.8 million for CognitiveScale. CognitiveScale deals with two products that are involved in interpreting big data and implementing machine learning in various aspects of an enterprise.

5. AEye

AEye provides a vision system that integrates Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) with computer vision. The system offers additional precise vision intelligence for autonomous cars that comprehend how the external factors of a scene surrounding a car affect the vehicle. The startup’s LiDAR tech can round out Intel’s existing AI capabilities, especially for autonomous cars.

6. Element AI

Since Element AI delivers customized applications that offer AI as a service, enterprises can deploy AI capabilities without the challenge of creating an internal AI team. By acquiring Element AI, Intel could stand a chance of solving the problem of businesses that require an AI team but lack the appropriate resources.

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