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3 AI Companies To Keep an Eagle Eye On

Thanks in part to the increase in computing capability digital transformation technologies such as artificial intelligence are gaining traction globally.

While systems driven by artificial intelligence are collaborative and explorative in their nature they also have flexibility, which allows for a focused business approach.

These three artificial intelligence companies you want to key an eye out for:

Cognitive Code

One firm leading the way is Cognitive Code. Their SILVIA Artificial Intelligence Suite is one of the most advanced available. It is also extremely portable and flexible allowing for the creation of totally immersive experiences.

Cognitive Code has expended many years conducting experiments and research, which has led to this user-friendly system. More than just a personal assistant SILVIA can not only hold a conversation but also learn and instruct in a completely natural way.


Another company making exciting innovations with artificial intelligence is Brighterion. They offer one of the broadest portfolios for artificial intelligence and machine learning and are able to provide real-time intelligence from a variety of sources regardless of its type, volume or complexity.

With its roots in academia, Brighterion’s technology can currently be applied to ten different types of artificial intelligence and Machine Learning.

Brighterion uses Smart Agents technology- this technology is able to adapt to behaviour patterns it notices in data without the need for external intervention.

This allows the company to produce continually evolving models while keeping operation and modelling costs relatively low.

Their focus on analysing behaviour allows Brighterion to produce artificial intelligence capable of cross channel anomaly prediction and detection.

It is also able to identify low-risk behaviour and improve overall performance. Brighterion’s artificial intelligence and machine learning tools have been used in a number of fraud prevention schemes, homeland security operations and to detect data breaches in a wide range of fields.

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Cortical.io is a company innovating largely in the field of Natural Language Understanding. The solutions they provide are based on the Semantic Folding theory. This takes a new perspective on how artificial intelligence can handle big text data.

Using a software retina engine to change the language into a semantic footprint the artificial intelligence is able to understand the meaning of these numerical representations and execute complex tasks based on this information.

Their algorithms allow open NLU challenges to be solved quickly by artificial intelligence, which can quickly filter through terabytes of unstructured data.

It has been predicted by Markets and Markets, the global research and analytics firm, that the artificial intelligence market will be worth at least 16.06 billion US dollars by 2022. Most of this will come from innovative companies like Cognitive Code, Brighterion and Cortical.io.


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KC Cheung
KC Cheung has over 18 years experience in the technology industry including media, payments, and software and has a keen interest in artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks and its applications in business. Over the years he has worked with some of the leading technology companies, building and growing dynamic teams in a fast moving international environment.
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