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Yamaha Introduces AI to the World of Motorcycles

The Tokyo Motor Show is a big event over in Japan and is all set to open the doors of Tokyo’s Big Sight on the 27th October. To get some added publicity and add to the excitement, Yamaha has just announced which models it will be displaying at this year’s show, and among those is a motorcycle with an artificial intelligence twist called the Motoroid. This prototype is unlike any other vehicle Yamaha has ever produced as is sure to turn some heads at the show.

The Tokyo Motor Show is a popular biennial event and one that’s now on their 45th edition. Various prototypes have debuted at the show in the past and will continue to do this year. Honda too will be revealing some of its innovative prototypes including its very own self-riding motorcycle technology. Both this and Yamaha’s Motoroid concepts revolve around integrating artificial intelligence with motorcycles.

Yamaha has already given away the fact that the Motoroid has the ability to identify its owner and interact with them like another living creature. But, the company’s keeping tight-lipped about what else the prototype can do. Yamaha is not stranger to the concept of intelligent vehicles and just two years ago it introduced the Motobot superbike to the world. This R1 superbike is completely autonomous and can ride around the track all on its own at speeds over 200 km/h (124 mph). Yamaha will showcase any updates to Motobot at this year’s show.

The next challenge set for Motobot is to race Valentino Rossi on the racetrack and is an objective that the company hope to achieve by 2020. There’s even an online voting system that’s been set up to gauge people’s reactions and to see who their money rests with. Interestingly, most people so far are feeling confident that Rossi will beat the Motobot. However, the AI application does seem to have quite a large backing in both the Middle East and South America.

Yamaha will also be showcasing a new multi-wheel artificial intelligence concept vehicle at the Tokyo Motor Show. It’s an electric-powered MWC-4 and is unlike any of the other multi-wheeler’s Yamaha’s produced in the past. This zero-emission, 4-wheeled concept is also set to gain some attention but not because of its power source, but because the application is (according to Yamaha) of “attitude-control technology, giving it a ride that feels like nothing else and a level of comfort not found with a conventional motorcycle.

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