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Aptiv Releases Autonomous Driving Vehicle Data to Improve Safety

In an attempt to encourage more research into autonomous driving vehicle safety, automotive technology company Aptiv is rolling out a huge data set to the public.

Dubbed NuScenes by Aptiv, the data set comprises of sensor data harvested from Aptiv autonomous driving vehicles while carrying out tests on public roads.

Aptiv said that this is the biggest data set ever to be available to the public.

“We appreciate the importance of transparency and building trust in AVs [autonomous vehicles],” Karl Iagnemma, president of Aptiv Autonomous Mobility, said in a statement.

The kind of data being released “has traditionally been kept confidential with academic communities, cities, and the public at large,” he said.

According to Aptiv, NuScenes by Aptiv comprises 1.4 million 3D “human annotated bounding boxes,” 390,000 lidar sweeps, and 1.4 million images.

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The company also added that the data is arranged into 1,000 “scenes” depicting real driving situations from the streets of Singapore and Boston.

Aptiv revealed that so far, more than 200 academic institutions and 1,000 users have signed up to access the particular data set.

The fact that the data is drawn from Singapore and Boston shows that it was harvested by NuTonomy, a self-driving technology startup that was acquired by Aptiv’s predecessor Delphi back in 2017.

NuTonomy is known for rolling out a pilot self-driving taxi service in Singapore back in 2016 and collaborating with Lyft to create a pilot autonomous ride-sharing service in Boston.

The Boston pilot leverages customized Renault electric vehicles, which is a car model that is not sold in the US.

Initially, the French vehicles were restricted to a small section of Boston’s waterfront, but are currently allowed to move around the entire city.

Aptiv previously operated as Delphi, an automotive supplier, before the company restructured itself in 2017 to concentrate on self-driving technology.

Aside from the test programs that came with NuTonomy, Aptiv runs a fleet made up of customized BMW 5 series sedans in Las Vegas.

You can call one by using the Lyft application.

Autonomous driving car safety is still a controversial topic one year since an Uber car test backfired; the company’s car hit and killed a pedestrian in Arizona.

Although the first-ever known fatal accident involving an autonomous driving vehicle hinted technological issues, it did not significantly affect the continued deployment of such cars on the road.

Even though most Americans seem uneasy as far as the deployment of self-driving vehicles on the road is concerned, companies are still moving on with their expanded and new test programs.

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Aptiv is a company known for developing greener, safer and more linked solutions that power the future of mobility.

The company claims to be the only autonomous driving company with a comprehensive portfolio for providing a smarter car architecture capable of handling the considerable piles of data required for things such as autonomous driving.

Aptiv envisions cities whereby all infrastructure aspects will be linked, all the other transportation services will be connected, and all cars on the road will be linked.

What’s more, the company is looking beyond autonomous driving cars and connected vehicles and more towards a world where vehicles will operate like supercomputers.

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