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Will AI Takeover Your Advertising Agency Job?

Artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming a hot topic. AI mimics the brain through logic. A division of AI has now been created among most advertising spaces. As of now, the real impact of AI on the marketing sector seems limited.

Most people often view AI as machine learning. However, the two are distinct. AI deals with teaching machines to become more efficient whereas machine learning involves making predictions upon learning from insights.

Hence, machine learning techniques are used for training AI. This means machine learning can exist without AI. However, AI cannot exist without integrating machine learning.

Currently, machine learning is more applied in marketing and advertising than AI. Most ad agency executives are on the view that AI is not going to take over marketing job opportunities any time soon. They argue that AI is more of a tool for making marketers more efficient in their work.

Data Analytics

Artificial intelligence and machine learning exist as a result of data analytics. Machine learning is able to detect fraudulent advert impressions by using data sets that a human would be unable to analyze. Jason Carmel, a data officer working for Possible, reported that his data analysts are working on an algorithm that can understand online shopping patterns of consumers. He notes that AI will surely have a huge impact but it is still early as of now.

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Media Buying
Artificial intelligence is infiltrating the ad tech. Its powerful ad targeting features are impacting hugely on the media buying sector. AI enables an advertiser to understand data about a person to identify whether they are interested in their brand. Josh Sutton, who works at Publicis Sapient, argues that AI creates more accurate profiles of individuals that other data sources cannot. He argues that AI may not replace

According to Minicola, conversational technology contributes a lot to AI. Minicola’s team is assisting brands with data that can be combined with techniques such as cognitive technology and machine learning to develop digital assistant frameworks for use in customer care services. Chatbots are a good example of AI application. They are now being integrated into many brands to serve consumers with customer services. Machine learning can also be used in determining items that have the potential of being the best sellers.

Ad Creative
AI is already being used in developing ad creative in the real world. For instance, 50 scripts were written for a Toyota ad campaign and were used in training IBM Watson for the robot to write multiple ad copies. However, agencies interviewed are on the view that the application of artificial intelligence in ad creative is a PR stunt since AI is yet to get to a stage of replacing human ad creative.

Can AI be used in writing a song? Yes it can. But would AI write songs that everyone will like? No it wouldn’t. According to Meeker, AI excels at reading articles based on text, but it does not perform well in a complicated task such as directing a film. Meeker’s views were echoed by Carmel. Carmel is on the view that any AI technique should be under the supervision of a real ad creative.

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