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Vyasa Launches New AI Software Platform for Life Science

Vyasa Analytics is a company that provides deep learning software for both life sciences and healthcare organizations.

It was founded back in November 2016 and is based in Newburyport, Massachusetts. This week sees the company launching a new artificial intelligence-based (AI) software platform called Cortex.

Cortex is able to identify concepts and their relationships in regards to different sources using Vyasa’s Neural Concept Recognition technology.

For the healthcare industry, this AI software will help companies better understand symptoms, reduce admissions, increase efficiency, create better diagnosis’ and more. With life sciences, it will relay information including genes, therapeutics, and types of disease.

“Organizations generate and consume so much digital data now that it is impossible for knowledge workers to read through all the information relevant to decisions in their daily work,” said Christopher Bouton, PhD., CEO and founder of Vyasa.

“Cortex can identify the patterns and correlations relevant to sets of concepts across disparate data types by recognizing and extracting this information directly from data sources. In the same way that it enables recognition of objects in images, deep learning revolutionizes how we can conduct analysis by making concept recognition in data something that the machine can do for us.”

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Working alongside Vyasa to help incorporate AI and deep learning analytics is MilliporeSigma. This global leader in life sciences will help solve some of the issues that are apparent in the industry currently.

“Deep learning is a compelling area of research with vast opportunities to change the way we solve problems in life science,” said CEO of MilliporeSigma, Udit Batra. “Through our work with Vyasa, we are exploring how we can apply Cortex technology within our business.”

More than $157 billion was spent on research and development in the pharmaceutical industry in 2016. By 2022, that figure is expected to jump to around $180 billion.

By 2016 the healthcare analytics market was worth $8.69 billion and experts estimate that by 2022 that figure will have risen dramatically to more than $33 billion, and Cortex is all set to play a big part in that. Other analytics companies that will also help to add to that figure included Lattice.io, BenevolentAI, and Exscientia.

Dr. Christopher Bouton is a firm believer that AI will help us gain better insights and compile better data from the systems we have now and will continue his work in this area to try and enhance that.

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KC Cheung
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