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Squirro App Brings Power of AI to Asset Management

Squirro is a well-known modern cognitive insights engine that utilizes machine learning, predictive analytics and other technologies to allow users to convert unstructured data into actions.

The company recently introduced a new app intended to bring the power of predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to institutional asset management.

The new application, which is one of the apps that make up the Squirro for Corporate Financial Services suite, will help in unlocking previously missing market opportunities and customer understanding through allowing institutional asset managers to draw insight from both its unstructured and structured data.

The institutional asset management application from Squirro not only draws data from several CRM platforms but also from an array of unstructured data sources. Some of these sources include social media, email, RSS news feeds, call notes, earnings call transcripts, and a wide assortment of premium data subscriptions like Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters just to mention a few.

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Dr. Dorian Selz, the co-founder, and chief executive officer of Squirro, said that asset management firms are searching for ideal ways to bring together or combine the huge volumes of data being shared globally in a bid to make well-informed decisions.

He went ahead to say that the new institutional asset management application developed by Squirro allows asset management firms to identify patterns that are hidden in unstructured and structured data in an attempt to create actionable insights, which can boost the accuracy of vital investment decisions and provide recommendations to promote portfolio management decisions.

In the institutional asset management world, there’s a broad and different array of catalysts and events that can initiate a new opportunity. As such, the new application helps to alert users instantly when a new opportunity comes along. In addition, it not only scores but also ranks each opportunity and, in turn, offers actionable suggestions to institutional asset managers to help them interact with their customers confidently with an ideal investment option in their arsenal.

The new institutional asset management application from Squirro plays a major role in saving time as far as researching new opportunities to invest in is concerned. Currently, most asset management firms around the world conduct a considerable portion of this research work manually, which makes it time-consuming, and in most cases, ineffective.

In a statement by Squirro’s CEO and co-founder Dorian Selz, he said that asset management firms could benefit hugely by adopting both machine learning and artificial intelligence. He went on to say that the company’s revolutionary technology aids in opening up a new selection of digital capabilities with the potential to not only spot patterns in real-time but also offer actionable recommendations.

Squirro for Corporate Financial Services was created in January 2018. This groundbreaking suite of applications is founded on the company’s Augmented Intelligence platform. The platform entails sophisticated technology that has several new or emerging technologies such as predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence at the core of the business.

Aside from institutional asset management, the Squirro for Corporate Financial Services suite of apps contains other applications including investment banking, real estate as well as institutional and corporate banking.

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