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Sanofi Partners with AI Startup Researchably to Comb Through Research Papers

Currently, Researchably is carrying out a pilot with China’s Sanofi. It is utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to not only go through thousands of research studies but also point out the most important ones to pharmaceutical stakeholders.

“With Sanofi, we’re working with a small medical communications team, and they’re in charge of every day reviewing 100 to 200 articles on Type 2 diabetes to then inform business units who are working on competitive analysis and also external doctors who are essentially prescribing their drugs about what’s going on in their field.

This team of 10 was spending 30 hours a week reviewing all this information, and they were making a lot of mistakes because they were doing it very quickly, so sometimes they would miss a critical paper or they wouldn’t send it to the right person.

And they were actually not reviewing a lot of information that could have been relevant to them because they didn’t have the bandwidth. So they were only looking at 200 papers even though every week there are around 2,000 papers about Type 2 diabetes,” COO Mauro Cozzi told MobiHealthNews.

During a three-month pilot, Sanofi recognized that utilizing the software reduced the time from 13 minutes per paper to about one second.

Why it Matters

Chief Executive Officer Maciej Szpakowski said that 30,000 new research papers are currently published on a weekly basis, and this figure is increasing. Although this technology is useful for pharmaceutical companies, it can also suit doctors.

“Right now, the way the AI works is it finds the research papers that are relevant to a particular stakeholder within the pharmaceutical company. So it delivers directly the research papers that are most relevant to you with some augmented information. The way we envision it to work in three years time, once we get more data, is that we’ll be able to also summarize the actual research paper, so you don’t have to even look at the actual research paper content, you can just get the gist of it from the summary which is digestible and much easier to consume,” said Szpakowski.

“The implication of that is not only will the pharmaceutical companies will be benefiting directly, but also doctors can look at those papers as well and patients can be informed on the latest research as well. So basically we want to make the research much more accessible for every single human being, and that’s the big vision that really excites us moving forward,” said Szpakowski.

According to Szpakowski, Researchably is among the first firms in making market inroads. To demonstrate confidence in the technology, Sanofi and other pharmaceutical firms accepted to pilot the startup’s technology.

“Working with Researchably is looking into the future of the pharmaceutical industry. Reviewing scientific information is fundamental to everything we do, and they are disrupting how that happens, making it much faster, far simpler, and much more accurate,” asserted a Sanofi communications lead participating in the pilot.

Researchably secured $100,000 in financing back in June after completing a year at the Future Worlds accelerator located in the University of Southampton.

Source MobiHealthNews

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