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Samsung Launches AI Centers in Russia, Canada and the UK

In a move to boost the company’s artificial intelligence, Samsung Research recently made headlines by opening up an artificial intelligence(AI) center in Cambridge, the UK with other two coming up in Canada (24 May) and Russia (29 May).

Samsung has not only began exploring artificial intelligence technology but also expanded the global AI research capacities of Samsung Electronics at all its centers, particularly in the US and Korea. It has also done the same across its five AI centers around the world including the latest centers in Silicon Valley this January and in Seoul last November.

While speaking during the opening ceremony of Cambridge-based AI center, Hyun-suk Kim, the head and president of Samsung Research, said that Samsung boasts a vast history in pursuing innovation. He also expressed the company’s excitement in delivering a similar kind of technology leadership and passion to the AI field. Hyun-Suk Kim added that with the new artificial intelligence centers and the hiring of notable AI experts, Samsung’s goal is to be a game-changer for the industry.

The UK-based lab helps to accentuate the country as a hotspot for artificial intelligence research. However, there have been burgeoning concerns regarding the shortage of skills in the area. According to Samsung, the center is intended to concentrate on both communication and health. Theresa May, the UK ’s prime minister, said that Samsung’s announcement to open an AI lab in the UK serves as a vote of confidence in the country as a global leader in artificial intelligence. According to her, the move would also create highly-skilled, better paying job opportunities.

Although Samsung has been slightly discrete about its plans, it is said that the new UK center would hire about 150 scientists. Also, Prof Andrew Blake, a renowned AI guru and former head of Microsoft’s Cambridge-based research center, would run the lab.

Although Samsung plans to incorporate AI technology in all its smart technology devices by 2020, finding the right skills to help it achieve that goal, especially in the UK, maybe challenging. Recruitment expert Odgers Berndtson‘s recent research found out that only 225 students in the entire nation were tackling post-graduate technology research, particularly in specialists fields like machine learning and AI.

Boosting AI Advancement

Andrew Blake will work alongside other professionals in the field such as Prof Maja Pantic from the Imperial College. For him, the new center in Cambridge displays Samsung’s increased commitment to AI advancement. Blake also added that their research at the Cambridge-based lab would assist them in understanding human behavior better while doing further research on areas such as emotion recognition.

Revolutionary Research Environments

As Samsung prepares to open up research bases across various areas of expertise, the company has not only been partnering with well-known AI scholars but also hosted an artificial intelligence forum last year. It is also expected to have certain interests in the eastern part of the United States.


France appears to be preparing itself to be a worthy competitor to the UK. In fact, President Emmanuel Macron recently invited the CEOs of IBM, Intel, and Facebook among many others to attend his organized Tech for Good Summit. A lot can be expected from the summit including the announcement of new research jobs and new investments in AI.

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