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Nano Global and Arm Partner to Develop AI Heath Chip

New system-on-chip (SoC) Being Developed by Nano Global is Set to Revolutionize the Health Industry

Austin-based molecular data company, Nano Global announced earlier this week, it’s in the process of developing a new advanced system-on-chip that will help tackle the challenges we face in regards to superbugs, infectious disease, and cancer.

The company was founded back in 2014 and specialises in the manufacturing of nanotechnology based solutions for a variety of applications.

In order to make the new artificial intelligence (AI) chip, Nano Global is using intellectual property (IP) from the world’s leading semiconductor IP company, Arm.

Founded back in 1990, with its headquarters based in Cambridge, England, Arm is definitely a good choice in partnership for the molecular data company. Using this molecular data the chip can help recognise and analyse the various health threats caused by pathogens and other living organisms.

The chip itself utilises the advanced fields of nanotechnology , AI, edge computing, optics, and blockchain authentication to get real-time analysed results from the molecular data.

“In partnership with Arm, we’re tackling the vast frontier of molecular data to unlock the unlimited potential of this universe,” said Chairman and CEO of Global Nano, Steve Papermaster. “The data our technology can acquire and process will enable us to create a safer and healthier world.”

Rene Haas is the executive vice president and president of IPG, Arm and she is confident this new AI chip will transform the healthcare industry and improve outcomes for many.

“We believe the technology Nano Global is delivering will be an important step forward in the collective pursuit of care that improves loves through the application of technology,” she said. “By collaborating with Nano Global, Arm is taking an active role in developing and deploying the technologies that will move us one step closer to solving complex health challenges.”

As well as joining forces with Arm, Nano Global will also be collaborating with various other top institutions across the world, including Baylor College of Medicine and National University of Singapore.

With help from these institutions, research, data collection, analysis, and product development will all be accelerated getting them one step closer to that end goal.

Nano Global are hoping to have the AI chip finished and out for dispatch by 2020 and is alreading sources new partners to bring on board their platform.

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