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Mercedes Benz Leverages Conversational AI Platform

Nuance Communications, a leader and pioneer in conversational artificial intelligence (AI) innovations, recently announced that it had partnered with Daimler AG to power and develop the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) multimedia system.

The latest improvement in infotainment systems changes the experience of the driver in the cockpit via a fully customized automotive assistant, which was created specifically for the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class and other future models.

MBUX, which is powered by Nuance’s cutting-edge conversational artificial intelligence (AI) technology, takes advantage of both passengers and drivers overtime in a bid to offer an increasingly connected and personalized experience.

Designed with the Future in Mind

According to analysts’ predictions, there will be 24 billion IoT devices installed all around the world by 2020 as well as over 200 million connected vehicles on the road.

As these electric, shared, connected and autonomous cars become increasingly standard, the expectations that passengers and drivers will have, especially for in-car interactions will increasingly evolve.

Nuance ’s conversational artificial intelligence technology and the integration of cloud connectivity coupled with in-built, on-board technology is leading this evolution by providing an intuitive and intelligent user experience that is integrated seamlessly in the car.

Here are some offerings of MBUX:

Continuous Recall for Ongoing Conversation

MBUX’s natural language understanding recalls what a driver said in the past as well as understanding references to various things that were uttered previously, the same way humans can.

For instance, if the user requests the assistant to send a message to John and then asks the same message to be sent to Maria.

The MBUX assistant has the capacity to not only follow the conversation but also respond to all the requests.

A Conversational Interface

MBUX is activated by a simple wake-up word such as Hey Mercedes instead of pushing a button.

Also, natural language generation (NLG) and natural language understanding (NLU) allow both passengers and drivers to interact with the system naturally, in a similar manner as they would with a real person. It asks and responds to questions as well as complete requests.

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Adaptive System

The MBUX system is pre-wired in a bid to accept over-the-air upgrades through the cloud even for roles designed and integrated directly into the car.

This is possible since the software model is constantly improved with the changing use of language or new words over time.

Even so, virtual assistants and services can be included to widen the spectrum of information that is available to drivers at any given time while ensuring that the car always has top-of-the-line capabilities.

MBUX is also integrated with the car itself to allow voice-driven control of in-car abilities such as music and climate.

According to Sajjad Khan Daimler’s VP of Digital Vehicle and Mobility, MBUX aids in making another step closer to transforming the car into a mobile assistant.

Headed that as the company works to build new experiences for Mercedes Benz drivers, the new technologies we create must have the user in the front row seat.

The objective is to make interactions with the vehicle simple and seamless.

Source AutomotiveWorld

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