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Israeli Startup uses AI for Screening Diseases

For the vast majority of diseases, a critical indicator of the prognosis is the stage of detection. Early detection changes the odds of survival considerably. This leads to the obvious conclusion that the best case scenario is to test early and test often.

The reality is that it is cost prohibitive to have everyone tested for everything and it is a challenge to get high-risk populations screened in the first place. If colorectal cancer gets caught early, there is a 90% survival rate, but that rate drops precipitously as time passes. Given this fact it is surprising that so many who are at a high risk for this particular type of cancer don’t get the recommended testing done. There are multiple dynamics at play with lack of voluntary screening, including fear, lack of knowledge and convenience. There needs to be a new push to get more screening done so that early detection is possible more often. A new startup may just have the answer.

Medial EarlySign out of Israel has developed a way of screening patients using artificial intelligence. A team of scientists, geneticists, mathematicians, and physicians have come together to harness the power of AI. They started with financial market algorithms which uses AI to analyze and identify genetic markers in patients and is then able to predict with a high degree of probability the risks of the patient developing the disease.

The process and logic is amazingly simple. When patients come in for routine work and have their blood taken, the software automatically screens the patients. No need for mass communication to try and get high-risk populations in for specific screening. Health providers and programs can keep communicating the importance of regular checkups and the screening, well, just happens. This makes it possible to then have an immediate intervention and then further testing. So far the new technology can predict future problems twice as accurately as the current way of screening.

The new technology is able to do this with significant cost savings. In this age of budget cuts and higher health costs, it is also worth noting that early treatment and prevention means enormous savings down the road. It is possible with technology such as this to put more effort behind prevention, which is what health economists have been saying for years.
EarlySign’s screening is already in use in Israel and Poland. Negotiations are currently ongoing in other countries, including the United States.

Original source CGTN

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