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Intel and Warner Bros Team up to Develop In Car Entertainment for Autonomous Cars

An exciting announcement was made this week by Intel that will see the tech giant team up with Warner Bros in a project called the AV Entertainment Experience.

Together the two companies will pool their expertise and come up with a proof-of-concept car that demonstrates just how cool entertainment in a self-driving car could be.

According to recent transportation surveys, Americans spend more than 300 hours each behind the wheel of a car every year.

With the introduction and expansion of autonomous cars that brings a whole new meaning to world of in-car entertainment.

Soon we could see the likes of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) integrated into the very machines that will transport us from one place to another.

No longer will we have a mundane, boring commute to work. Instead it will be one filled with happiness and innovative entertainment.

Imagine you’re driving along in a car that’s kitted out like a Batmobile and you’re riding through the streets of Gotham City. That could be your journey to work if this partnership takes off as everyone expects it to.

At the moment, Intel is working hard to try and alleviate some of the concerns that many members of the public have around the safety issues of autonomous cars.

Mobileye ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) is already in place and that AI system works really well. So far it’s provided assistance to thousands of people involved in collisions.

Moving forward, Intel want to have a system that has zero driving incidents, and with self-driving vehicles this is possible.

However, in order for it to achieve this the whole industry will need to implement standards that will recognize and assign fault at the time of a collision.

Intel is currently in talks with policymakers as to how safety performance in autonomous cars can and will be measured in the future.

In March this year Intel bought Mobileye in an attempt to accelerate AI technologies. One model that’s been proposed by Intel and Mobileye is called Responsibility-Sensitive Safety (RSS).

This is a mathematical model that ensures the autonomous car doesn’t give any commands that will cause an accident.

Source Telecompaper

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