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Google Utilising AI to Automate Advertising

In this digital era, technology appears to be behind a lot of things in life including healthcare, transportation, education, warfare, entertainment and more importantly advertising among others.

Currently, with advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, nothing seems impossible. It is all a matter of time and research.

Google, being one of the leading technology companies that are at the forefront of artificial intelligence (AI) research and development, recently unveiled several advertising tools that it developed on artificial intelligence.

The tools are intended to aid marketers in automating and developing additional effective ad campaigns. The whole idea of the tools is to allow artificial intelligence to polish adverts.

The automation of advertising campaigns will currently be incorporated into each form of campaign management including bidding to dynamic headlines as well as targeting and creative.

The ad tools rolled out at Google Marketing Live occasion for Google Ads include tools that can optimize ad performance, particularly on YouTube by adjusting bids automatically as well as those relating to responsive search ads, which utilize machine learning to combine, match and enhance content.

Jerry Dischler, Google’s VP of product management, explained recently in a blog post that the burgeoning complexity of platforms outdoes the capabilities of marketers to design highly effective ad campaigns by far.

He also asserted that marketers would gain the opportunity to select up to four descriptions and 15 headlines while Google will handle the rest of the job by picking the ideal combinations.

Google tests varying combinations in a bid to known the advertising creative platforms that are ideal for any particular search question through evaluating varying combinations. With that, individuals searching for a similar thing may end up seeing different adverts based on context.

The new ad tools from Google also comprise Local Campaigns, which are intended for getting additional consumers into physical stores through optimizing places where adverts appear, particularly across different Google services including Maps, Display, YouTube, and Search among others.

Advertisers offer information such as creative ad pieces and business location. They are also required to create a budget.

The ads are produced automatically based on the creative aspects fed into the system. In addition, the tools work in a similar manner to Smart Campaigns, which Google launched in June, mainly for small enterprises.

Aside from the new Smart Campaigns, there’s Smart Shopping, which is a slight upgrade from its former version. It enhances campaigns based on the goals and criteria picked out by marketers.

Also, Shopify is Google’s first-ever e-commerce platform integration that enables businesses to create and manage Smart Shopping campaigns without the need to switch between platforms.

Marketers who have a Shopify account can create Smart campaigns locally onto their platforms.

GittiGidiyor is currently utilizing Smart Shopping campaigns via the Google Ads platform to make things easy for markers as far as managing their ads and obtaining better results are concerned.

The eBay company managed to boost its return on ad spend by about 28% as well as increase sales by 4%.

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