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Molecules Discovered by Using Artificial Intelligence

Insilico Medicine is a Baltimore-based artificial intelligence (AI) company that was founded back in 2014 by Alex Zhavoronkov. It specialises in using deep learning techniques to enhance the process of drug discovery and development.

This week the company announced that its joint venture Juvenescence AI has just managed to license its first compound family fit for clinical development.

“The selection of our first compound family is a landmark event for Juvenescence, and a broader comment on the potential of AI to transform the drug discovery and development industry,” said Chairman of Juvenescence Jim Mellon. This is just one of five compound families that Juvenscence.AI is allowed to license annually as part of its agreement with Insilico.

This move marks a new era in terms of drug discovery and development where AI can be used to cut down a great deal of time and money for manufacturers and get more effective medicines out there to those that need them most. “This has been a very exciting time for the team of drug developers at Juvenescence as we work with Insilico to change how drugs are discovered.

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This constitutes more validation of Insilico’s ability to find novel drugs. It is also speaking to the quality of the relationship between our two companies both focused on changing how mankind ages.”

Founder of Insilico, Alex Zhavoronkov said: “The team at Insilico Medicine is very excited to be working with Juvenescence. As a company, it has centuries of drug discovery and development experience, and has provided our team with valuable guidance. We are very happy to see that some of the top pharmaceutical industry executives are now focusing their efforts on aging and artificial intelligence.”

Insilico was basically established as an alternative to animal testing. By using AI and deep learning, the company can analyze how different compounds will affect certain cells, determine what drugs can be used to treat the symptoms, and any possible side effects that may occur.

Even though it’s only been around a few years, Insilico has already been named by NVIDIA as one of the 5 top AI companies. With R & D resources spread out across the globe in the UK, Russia, and Belgium and a backing of $14 million behind it, the company is showing no signs of slowing any time soon.

Source Eurekalert

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KC Cheung
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