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Chinese Insurance Giant Uses AI to Transform Healthcare

Healthcare has always been an issue in China, particularly in areas that are very remote. Getting hold of the money for expensive treatments has proved impossible for many which has led to the declining health of a large portion of the nation. However, there may be light at the end of the tunnel thanks to Ping An Technology.

Ping An Technology is just one part of the Chinese life insurers, Ping An and its planning to use artificial intelligence (AI), various cloud technologies, and big data to transform the Chinese healthcare system from what it is today.

As well as looking to improve the overall patient experience when being cared for under the Chinese healthcare system, Ping An Technology will be integrating more technology into the system to enable more intelligent and convenient medical services.

At the moment patients are faced with long waiting times and mountains of paperwork to fill out. They’re then having to undergo various examinations before any diagnoses or treatment is offered. Ping An Technology solutions hope to solve some of these problems, and here’s how:

  • Prediction of disease: Through the use of AI and big data the company has managed to create the world’s first macro + micro method of predicting disease. Using its smart technology, the AI can predict an outbreak up to one week in advance of it happening. The intelligent screening has already achieved an accuracy detection level of 86 percent for both influenza and foot-and-mouth, and 92 percent for COPD.
  • Facial recognition technology: Using the insurer’s advanced technologies, facial recognition has now been integrated to become an integral part of the medical treatment process and is also used as a method of payment. It will enable patients to make and change appointments, and it will enable doctors and nurses to be sure they’re dealing with the right patient.
  • Interpreting CT scans: To help medical professionals better decipher CT results, Ping An used AI algorithms as well as both deep and transfer learning. Earlier this year it broke the world record with this technology and it’s amazing accuracy levels of 96.8 percent. More and more medical establishments across China are using this technology and is expected to cut down the time it takes to interpret a CT scan by more than half. This will cut the number of wrong or misdiagnosed patients significantly.

Source TechinAsia

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KC Cheung
KC Cheung
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