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Campbell’s Teams up With IBM’s Watson for AI Advertising

Campbell’s is a household name for millions of people across the world. IBM Watson is also a well-known name, but more so among the business professionals of the world. The two have recently come together to come up with a way to help consumers create their own dinner recipes.

It does this through the use of natural language processing API’s and artificial intelligence (AI). Consumers have the choice of either talking to the ad via an on-screen mic or they can type in the ingredients they do have and the AI will throw together a recipe for them.

AI helps companies create a more personalized experience for the customer. These ads are the first AI-powered ad campaign that makes sense of unstructured data.

It connects the brand with the consumer direct and allows companies to market their products to a targeted audience. To help with marketing plans and strategies brands use information gained from interactions with consumers in various areas including marketing and supply chain management.

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Offering customers personalized recipes based on what a customer has in the cupboard or what they prefer is nothing new. However, what they haven’t been able to offer is the interactiveness that Watson Ads can.

With AI tools such as speech recognition and machine learning on board customization of recipes for consumers becomes a simple, enjoyable, unique experience.

“Watson inventions are not kitchen-tested,” is the message displayed on the ad, which is a little concerning for consumers. If something hasn’t been fully tested in the situation that it’s to be used for (i.e. the kitchen), then how can it be advertised as fit for this purpose?

Nevertheless, artificial intelligence will continue to be used in marketing, particularly programmatic advertising, which uses algorithms to put ads into websites and apps automatically. This will enable firms to make more informed decisions as to how to spend their money.

Campbell’s has been around since 1869 whose headquarters are based in Camden, New Jersey. It’s primarily known for its soups, but also includes baked snacks and health beverages among its range.

The company’s products have become extremely popular over the years and are now sold in 120 countries across the world. It also employs more than 16,000 people and is estimated to be worth more than $17 billion.

Source MobileMarketer

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