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Artificial Intelligence Powered Approach to Ligand Identification

Recently, Evotec made headlines when it ventured into a research partnership with Immuneering, which targets AI-powered ligand identification, particularly for rare hereditary metabolic illnesses.

The research partnership combines the top induced pluripotent stem cell platform of Evotec and a wide array of drug discovery features with the unique AI-powered drug discovery platform of Immuneering in a bid to expedite ligand identification, especially for new targets.

As part of this collaboration between Evotec and Immuneering, the former company is expected to utilize the latter’s Fluency, a proprietary computational drug discovery platform, to evaluate proprietary and public data in an attempt of advancing identification of new drug candidates that can eventually lead to the creation of new drugs for treating unusual hereditary metabolic illnesses.

“We are very excited to collaborate with Immuneering on its unique AI-driven approach to ligand identification,” said Dr Cord Dohrmann, the chief scientific officer of Evotec.

“This is a significant opportunity to develop novel drugs targeting disorders of lysosomes that drive different clinical presentations in many rare genetic metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases with high unmet medical need. We look forward to exploring the powerful combination of these technologies and enhancing our drug discovery capabilities in our core areas of focus.”

“We are thrilled to combine Evotec’s industry-leading iPSC platform with our AI platform, Fluency, to rapidly identify and functionally profile novel small molecule drugs for rare hereditary metabolic diseases,” said Dr Greg Koytiger, the senior vice president (SVP) and AI head of Immuneering.

“This not only accelerates the drug discovery process but opens up new targets that are understudied or difficult to the drug. Evotec’s in-depth knowledge of targets of interest and their leading iPSC platform make them an ideal partner to transform in silico hits into breakthrough therapies. We look forward to integrating best in class experimental and computational approaches to break new ground together for the benefit of these patients.”

Evotec is a renowned alliance and development partnership firm operating in the drug discovery space that focuses on advancing cutting-edge product approaches with top biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, venture capitalists, patient advocacy groups and academics.

Evotec’s drug discovery solutions come in the form of integrated drug discovery alliances, fee-for-service work, consulting arrangements, licensing of innovative drug candidates, development partnerships.

The company boasts worldwide operations and has advanced technologies, acclaimed scientific professionals, and key therapeutic skills in various areas such as diabetes, neuroscience, and issues of fibrosis, respiratory diseases, infectious illnesses, oncology as well as pain and inflammation.

Thanks to this expertise, Evotec plans to create first-in-class and best-in-class unique therapeutics on its comprehensive, systematic and unbiased infrastructure.

On the other hand, Immuneering, an advisor to pharmaceutical companies, is known for recently launching a new drug discovery platform, which helps in pinpointing both individual and multi-targeted medicines at extraordinary speeds.

The company’s platform is not only powered by high-throughput data but also artificial intelligence, and is informed by Immuneering’s ongoing experience as far as collaborating with foremost biopharmaceutical companies is concerned.

Founded in 2008, Immuneering focuses on various areas of interest including oncology, neurodegenerative diseases, drug development, genomics, and computational biology.

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