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Ada Health Raises $47M to Become Alexa of Healthcare

Ada Digital Health Ltd is a Berlin-based startup intent on using artificial intelligence to make healthcare available to everyone on the planet. To fund this goal the company has recently raised $47 million.

In 2016 Ada Digital Health Ltd launched “Ada” an artificial intelligence-powered mobile app. This system is designed to ask users personalized questions that are based on their known medical history. The artificial intelligence is then able to suggest possible causes for the user’s symptoms, allowing people to make more informed decisions about their health. To this end the company intends for their artificial intelligence to work in the same way that a doctor would.

According to chief executive Daniel Nathrath, Ada Digital Health Ltd believes that the future of healthcare lies in a patient-centric model “where individuals have actionable insights at their fingertips, and doctors and artificial intelligence work together to support patients throughout their healthcare journey.” The company’s Ada app is currently available on iOS and Android in German and English. There are plans for additional languages to become supported in the near future allowing more people access to this artificial intelligence.

Ada Digital Health Ltd hopes to use its newly generated funds to finance the recruitment of engineers, scientists, and medical advisers. This will allow artificial intelligence to become more reactive and also more knowledgeable and reliable. In turn this will all add up to better user experience. Ada Digital Health Ltd also plans to open a new office in the United States. This will focus on forming partnerships within the industry while also expanding the company’s telemedicine and next-steps care services.

According to Guillaume d’Hauteville, vice chairman at Access Industries, one of Ada Digital Healthcare Ltd’s many partners, “Ada is one of the most exciting companies we’ve seen cutting across health and artificial intelligence.”

D’Hauteville added that Ada Digital Healthcare had “developed a unique and highly effective health management solution driven by a team with deep medical and AI expertise and years of technology development. Ada is setting a new standard for health management, and we look forward to partnering with them on this next stage of their journey.”

For many years now the health industry has been quick to adopt artificial intelligence systems and adapt to the benefits this technology can bring to their vital work. This has led to the field of health becoming increasingly crowded with companies delivering artificial intelligence-based solutions and software. As a result, despite all the benefits it promises to bring, Ada Healthcare Ltd, may not find the road ahead all that smooth.

Source SiliconAngle

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