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Accenture Unveils Ella and Ethan AI Bots to Bolster Patient’s Healthcare

Recently, Accenture made a mark in the artificial intelligence (AI) world by unveiling Ella and Ethan in a bid to boost the Accenture Intelligent Patient Platform.

The two virtual-assistant bots utilize artificial intelligence to aid them in constantly learning and making intelligent suggestions for interactions between caregivers, health care providers(HCPs), patients and life sciences companies.

Ella and Ethan are designed to assist in boosting a patient’s overall experience and health. What’s more, the AI bots make up part of Accenture’s Salesforce Fullforce Solutions, which is not only powered by Salesforce Einstein AI and Health Cloud but also Amazon’s Alexa.

The artificial intelligence (AI) bots (Ella and Ethan) form part of the Patient Engagement Support solution, specifically in the Accenture Intelligent Patient Platform.

This platform entails a digital health solution that provides support to patients throughout their entire healthcare experience, for instance, from taking part in clinical trials through managing ongoing wellness and treatment. Furthermore, the bots are designed to deliver better patient support and a more personalized patient experience.

Ella is an interactive virtual assistant designed for patients. As such, it offers medication reminders as well as appointment scheduling and vital tracking.

Thanks to such information, life sciences entities are able to give patients an interactive and personalized way of engaging with their care team members and managing their health.

Ethan is an interactive virtual assistant developed for health care providers. It allows life sciences entities to assist HCPs in engaging more easily with patients, coordinating with other care team members to deliver critical services in a holistic manner and monitoring their health activity better.

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It delivers proactive suggestions on both services and content to allow healthcare experts to improve engagement and support patient treatment.

The platform’s latest artificial intelligence (AI) abilities enable companies in the life sciences domain to make suggestions that best support a patient’s specific lifestyle and condition through attaining deeper insights, particularly into patient behavior.

“With the inclusion of these new AI capabilities, the Accenture Intelligent Patient Platform continues to expand the value of using analytics and collaborative technologies to support the healthcare industry’s goal to deliver better outcomes,” said Tony Romito, the managing director of Accenture Life Sciences.

Away from the addition of Ella and Ethan, the two AI bots, both process and AI capabilities have been integrated throughout the Patient Engagement solution in a bid to boost the user experience. They include:

  • Adherence & Care Management Contact Center- this is where artificial intelligence (AI) suggests actions at the point of need in an effort of keeping patients on their treatment protocol with a more coordinated and personalized experience.
  • Onboarding Contact Center-it offers intelligent guided experiences on suggested steps to give patients quicker and easier access to therapy.
  • Provider Portal & Mobile App- it helps in providing physicians not only with better fact-based intelligent guidance but also patient insights on the services and content available for meeting individual patient requirements.

Source Accenture

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