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3 Growing AI Startups in Southeast Asia You Need to Know About

Aside from trends in video marketing and workplace automation, Asia’s economic growth is still causing a stir in both emerging and new industries. In this case, let’s narrow down to the Southeastern part of the continent, which is known to host 11 nations accounting for more than 600 million people and about 13 official languages.

Although it is much smaller compared to the adjacent markets in China and India, Southeast Asia has experienced a considerable increment in venture capital deals in the past few years.

Artificial intelligence is one of the areas that most Southeast Asia-based startups appear to be fascinated with, especially recently. A recent survey by the IDC revealed a rise in artificial intelligence (AI) adoption in the region with about 37% of companies intending to adopt the technology throughout the next five years.

Although the race for excellence in AI is currently led by China and the US, Southeast Asian nations are increasingly giving rise to notable startups that are bringing the technology to various sectors including agriculture, logistics, and finance.

The current technological transformation involves various key players. However, this piece will look at only three companies in Southeast Asia that are emphasizing the trend.

1 Supahands

This Malaysian-based startup leverages a combination of artificial and human intelligence to give companies remote workers with expertise in high-volume data. For this reason, the company is currently known as “ the world’s most efficient workforce”. In fact, Supahands has been enabling companies around the globe to scale successfully with few issues.

Although initially, Supahands was satisfied with being a virtual assistance provider, its focus in recent times has shifted to B2B services such as content moderation, data management, and machine learning.

3 Visenze

This AI-based startup deals with the creation of advanced image recognition and visual search solutions for businesses in online advertising, mCommerce, and eCommerce. A considerable portion of their research and development is based on machine learning and computer vision technology.

Visenze has the potential to recommend items that are visually similar to online shoppers while they browse, on content platforms like video and social media networks or search by uploading an image.

Oliver Tan, the company’s CEO, is convinced that customer behaviour is considerably influenced by enriching online content, particularly in the digital space. After the necessary connections are implemented, content can be used to bolster conversions. This technology is geared towards transforming consumers’ shopping experience.

3 Active.Ai

This fintech platform allows financial institutions to provide their services through micro-conversions across various channels. It provides capital markets, insurance companies and banks the necessary support that can automate advanced financial transactions and queries.

Active.Ai’s AI component delivers to customers flawless intuitive engagement through chat, mobile and voice-powered devices. Furthermore, the company manages and builds custom digital channels for trading, loans, banking and other important systems.

Active.Ai, Visenze and Supahands make up a small fraction of new AI-based companies currently making their impact felt in the Southeast Asia region. With the global marketplace continuing to evolve, companies in this part of the globe are expected to maintain their significant influence in the AI space.

Source Yahoo

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KC Cheung has over 18 years experience in the technology industry including media, payments, and software and has a keen interest in artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks and its applications in business. Over the years he has worked with some of the leading technology companies, building and growing dynamic teams in a fast moving international environment.
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