New AI Startup Promises to Detect Cancer for Just $1

New AI Startup Promises to Detect Cancer for Just $1
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Zebra Medical Vision is a new, Israeli, artificial intelligence (AI) startup that uses algorithms in which to decipher medical scans and detect any signs of trouble before humans can. The company is looking to introduce the scan service to the market, selling at just $1.

Medical scans are very good at providing doctors with the visuals they need to diagnose a disease or disorder that a patient’s suffering from. However, they are very expensive and humans aren’t always able to detect the signs in time.

That’s where Zebra comes in. It will charge hospitals just $1 to use the algorithm on any scans taken and in no time at all the’ll have all the information they need to make a much more, definitive, and comprehensive diagnosis.

“The business model is aimed at all customers. We have initial customers that we infirmed will pay less than they are currently as we wanted a business model that can scale outside of the Western world,” said chairman of AI startup Zebra Medical Vision, Eyal Gura. “We recently scored accounts in Africa and India.” Gura says the aim is to get cutting-edge, next generation healthcare technology into emerging markets.

Zebra recently carried out research in collaboration with the University of Oxford in the U.K. This involved looking at the fragile bone condition, osteoporosis, to see what predictions could be made using the company’s AI algorithm.

In doing so, one of the leaders of the program, Kassim Javaid, reported a 95 percent discovery rate of vertebral fractures detected by the AI. Considering these type of fractures are missed 60 percent of the time by humans, that’s pretty good going.

Already Zebra can detect disorders such as lung disease and is in the process of developing new algorithms in which to detect further conditions.

The company is now in talks with the U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS) about implementing this into their program.

But, Zebra will have to move fast if it wants to stay ahead of the game as others also looking to jump into this field include global giants Microsoft, and newer company, AIdoc Medical. Is the proposed partnership with the NHS enough to excel Zebra to where this AI startup needs to be? I guess only time will tell.


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