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Zscaler Acquires Machine Learning Startup TrustPath

Zscaler the first Security as a Service platform firm in the industry, recently acquired stealth startup TrustPath’s market-leading AI and ML technology as well as its development team. Nonetheless, the financial details pertaining to the deal were not disclosed to the public.

TrustPath aids in extending Zscaler ’s cloud platform using leading artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

The technology also helps in expediting the platform’s ability to draw intelligence from the whopping 50 billion transactions processed on a daily basis at peak durations by its cloud in an attempt to build user behavioral profiles, identify anomalous traffic, detect advanced targeted attacks as they rise and calculate enterprise risk posture.

Established back in 2008 by Jay Chaudhry, Zscaler is renowned for transforming Internet security through the first-ever Security as a Service platform in the industry. Being the most innovative company in the security market, Zscaler is utilized by over 5,000 leading organizations, 50 of which belong to the Fortune 500 category.

What ’s more, the company makes sure that over 13 million users globally are safeguarded against data breaches and cyber-attacks while remaining completely compliant with both regulatory and corporate policies.

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TrustPath is well-known for being a stealth-mode security startup that creates artificial intelligence (AI)-based algorithms using machine learning in a bid to detect cyber threats as well as deliver improved efficiency and security incidence response.

According to Chaudhry, Zscaler ’s cloud security platform is aiding leading globally renowned businesses in securely transforming their infrastructure for the mobile and cloud-first space.

He added that TrustPath ’s tech complements the deep and broad security capabilities that Zscaler has developed as well as improving the cloud platform that safeguards more than 200 entities out of the Forbes Global 2000 companies.

Zscaler’s cloud security platform comprises zero-day detection, Cloud IPS, machine learning and behavior analytics. Since it was developed for extensibility, innovations such as TrustPath’s ML and AI technology can be integrated rapidly to provide new, advanced protections and capabilities for the company ’s customers.

Zscaler ’s flagship services including Zscaler Private Access and Zscaler Internet Access help create fast, secure connections between applications and users, irrespective of the network, location or device.

Zscaler services are 100% cloud-delivered and provide enhanced user experience, simplicity, and security that hybrid solutions or even conventional appliances cannot match. In addition, the company operates a multi-tenant, distributed cloud security platform that helps in protecting thousands of customers from both data loss and cyber-attacks.

Aside from being a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader for Secure Web Gateways, Zscaler provides a productive and safe Internet experience for each user 100 percent in the cloud. Thanks to its multi-tenant, distributed platform, the company is able to transfer security into the Internet backbone effectively, operating in over 100 data centers globally and allowing organizations to take advantage of mobile and cloud computing technology.

Additionally, the Zscaler offers Next-generation firewall, sandboxing/advanced persistent threat protection, SSL decryption, threat intelligence, policy management, traffic shipping, Carrier-grade Internet security, and web security without the need for on-premise software, appliances, and hardware.

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