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Worlds First AI Powered Reality Show Takes Russia Viewers by Storm

Russia has been the first country so far to produce and release a 24/7 live digital artificial intelligence (AI) reality show. It’s called “Public Games” and was shown live on the social media platform, VKontakte, between October 8 and November 25 this year. VKontakte is essentially Russia’s Facebook.

This is the first of its kind in that no other show has ever appeared solely on social media before. But considering how much of a success it was, it may not be the last of its kind.

The show featured 28 participants from 3 different countries. It was a reality show where they had to live within close proximity of one another and a total of 50 cameras.

Surprisingly for some, the show had more than one million viewers tuning in daily to see what was going on. Of these viewers, the average time spent watching it per week per person amounted to around one hour.

Being hosted on social media, as well as being able to watch the show, viewers could also comment on the show, and around 2 million viewers took part in this way. This is the first time ever that there’s been a show run by AI.

Using facial recognition technology, the AI was able to analyze the live stream to see who were the least active participants on the show. Viewers then had the chance to vote for the person the would most like to see leave and the one with the highest number exits the show.

The show featured 25 different challenges that took place in 4 battle zones during its time on air. Producers of “Public Games” (Mastiff, and Divico) used AI in the form of VK chatbots in which to help them select the final participants out of the 279,000 or so that applied. In total, more than 96 million viewers took to the screen to watch this reality show.

It soon became one of the most popular streams ever (other than eSports) across the globe as more and more people logged on to watch. The highlights of all the “Public Games” videos have also been a roaring success. Including the live streams and pre-recorded material, they’ve had 219 million views from 33 million different users.

Source SysCon

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