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Singapore Offering Free AI Courses for 10,000 Citizens

Singapore is looking forward to developing local skillsets in artificial intelligence (AI) through embarking on two initiatives with the aim of enrolling 12,000 young students and industry experts.

AI Singapore, a local programme operating under the National Research Foundation of Singapore is behind the steering of the initiatives, which are expected to show how AI technologies can be implemented in daily lives and allow experts to use similar tools in bolstering productivity.

Previously, the government of Singapore had earmarked artificial intelligence (AI) as one of four technologies vital for powering the nation’s push to become a digitally ready country. Ho Teck Hua, the executive chairperson of AI Singapore asserted that artificial intelligence (AI) boasts the ability to expedite change.

As such, he stressed the need for everyone to be AI-ready in this increasingly digital world in a bid to benefit from the considerable potential associated with AI technology.

The two new initiatives will be undertaken under the nation’s Techskills Accelerator programme, created to develop technology skills in a bid to drive the local ecosystem.

One of the initiatives referred to as AI for Everyone is aimed at enrolling 10,000 individuals including working adults and secondary students with the aim of introducing them to the capability of AI technologies. The programme, which will be provided for free to the public, will be jointly backed by both Microsoft and Infocomm Media Authority.

The second initiative is meant for the “technically inclined” industry experts with the aim of training 2,000 of them in basic artificial intelligence(AI) proficiency. It will focus on software development skills, specifically for the Python platform. Furthermore, participants would get a foundation in AI certification after completing the programme.

The three-month course will consist of offline and online modules created by AI Singapore and its content partners. Aside from being spearheaded by AI Singapore, the programme will receive backing from the online AI learning platform DataCamp, Intel, Microsoft, and IMDA.

A full-time student or National Serviceman will get up to 100% fee support. On the other hand, trainees backed by small and medium-sized enterprises as well as Singaporeans aged 40 and above will get 90% support.

Both Intel and Microsft also serve as content partners for AI41 and are expected to join DataCamp, an online data science learning platform. Courses are expected to kickstart from late October.

According to the country’s Minister for Communication and Information Mr Iswaran, Singapore requires a much deeper strength of AI talent in a bid to continue growing her AI ecosystem. He also acknowledged the fact that AI Singapore will be instrumental in partnering with industry and research partners in fostering a strong pipeline of Singapore’s AI talent.

Mr Iswaran also availed additional details regarding the Advisory Council pertaining to the ethical use of data and AI, which was first unveiled back in June this year. He added that the council would criss-cross around the country in an effort to obtain opinions from consumers, enterprises, chambers and trade associations.

Iswaran looks forward to receiving the recommendations from the advisory council about how organizations can create and deploy AI solutions in a trusted and responsible manner.

Source ChannelNewsAsia

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