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Robots Debuts in Walmart Stores

Walmart will be introducing robots for inventory restocking.

The aim is to ensure the stocking of products is more rapid, and employees will not be wasting time filling shelves that are empty. According to the article, the robots have already been released in a number of stores.

Jeremy King, who is the chief technology officer of Walmart, stated that “If you are running around the aisle and you want to make the decision if there isn’t any more Cheerios or not, a human does not do the job properly and they don’t fancy it”. This was stated in an interview with Reuters.

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The robots which are sized two feet and come with cameras, determine the level of stock on aisles by scanning them.

They also determine if a product has been left by shoppers in the incorrect place. Reuters reported that sales are lost by retailers each time a customer searches for an item that is not in stock.

King stated that the productivity of the robots is 50 percent higher than their human counterparts.

They also enhance the accuracy levels of inventory and carry out scanning of shelves three times faster than humans.

The release of the inventory replenishment robots goes along with other unattended news in retail, especially that the number of self-checkouts in retail stores has increased by over 60 percent in just 2017.

In other places, Walmart has been busy grooming its presence digitally through the purchase of storefronts online like Bonobos, Moosejaw, Shoebuy, Hayneedle, ModCloth and Parcel to enhance its eCommerce potential.

It was stated by the head of eCommerce for Walmart that there are more purchases like that on the way.

Lore further elaborated that they have provided the leaders of these organizations with the capacity to run the section across the whole entity.

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The creation of Store No. 8 was announced by Walmart earlier this year in an internal effort to grow online retail businesses which were just starting in-house.

The venture would be given the duty of locating innovative technology which could be significant to the entire retail goals of Walmart as well as build relationships with entrepreneurs especially those who work in AL or artificial intelligence and other growing technologies.

Source Reuters

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