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Real-time Deep Learning Powered Market Predictions for Bloomberg Users

New or emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence are rapidly taking over the finance space in a bid to deliver efficient services and an improved customer experience.

A recent example of this trend is AlpacaJapanCo., Ltd, a Japanese-based fintech, which unveiled a collaboration with Bloomberg L.P. as well as launching its forecasting application dubbed as AlpacaForecastAI Prediction Matrix, intended for Bloomberg users.

The recently unveiled AlpacaForecast AI Prediction Matrix serves as an application that not only uses Alpaca’s deep learning and data processing technology but also displays real-time short-term predictions for leading markets.

The company decided to come up with this impressive artificial intelligence-powered application in expectation that it would deliver advanced artificial intelligence (AI) market prediction capabilities to the financial community globally, particularly to their desks.

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AlpacaJapanCo., Ltd applied CNN-based deep learning engine coupled with high pattern recognition capabilities to time series analysis.

This high pattern recognition capability is mostly utilized for video or image recognition.

The analysis of tick data, which humans have been unable to recognize with their eyes, makes market forecasting possible.

Currently, the list of the supported assets includes AUD/JPY, EUR/USD, US treasury 10 years bond and USD/JPY among others.

Aside from that, Alpaca is looking forward to expanding the coverage period and asset classes in the future for all users at no extra cost.

What’s even more impressive is that the company intends to launch AlpacaForecast AI Prediction Matrix Pro, which comprises CME products, soon.

Alpaca emphasized its deep commitment to come up with artificial intelligence (AI)-based market forecasting, which takes advantage of big data deep learning and data processing technology.

Apart from the AlpacaForecast AI Prediction Matrix, the company has been developing other artificial intelligence (AI) based solutions.

In fact, this year in March, a collaboration between Alpaca and Japan-based Jubun Bank brought about a new service aimed at harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence (AI).

This groundbreaking solution targets people who would like to utilize foreign currency deposits as well as do so at the right time, more importantly when the exchange rates are favorable.

The service created with the help of Alpaca is intended to assist in determining when the exchange rates are ideal and, in turn, sends an alert to the customer.

Depending on the account settings pre-set by the client, the artificial intelligence system carries out a deposit from a customer’s JPY account to his or her foreign currency account.

Based on the default settings, the systems will continue to make a similar transfer automatically once per month, especially when the artificial intelligence engine is satisfied that the exchange rates are favorable.

Even so, customers are allowed to determine their ideal lower and upper limits for the rates that they view as satisfactory to them.

Alpaca prides itself on being a Database and AI technology firm known for creating the first commission free algo trading avenue in the world whereby users can run, oversee and implement their trading algorithms.

The company provides modern web API coupled with a no-commission algo ecosystem, which is driven by big data and artificial intelligence technologies.

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