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Narrative Science Gets Awarded AWS Machine Learning Competency Status

Narrative Science is an artificial intelligence (AI) company based in Chicago, Illinois. The company specialises in advanced natural language generation (Advanced NLG) and has just recently been awarded Amazon Web Services (AWS) Machine Learning (ML) Competency status.

This achievement was giving to the company in recognition for its ability to provide innovative and efficient AI solutions to others using AWS cloud computing services.

Attaining this award sets the company apart from many others. It’s now promoted as an AWS Partner Network (APN) that’s quite superior as it shows it, customers, that it has validated ML experience on AWS.

To help support the development and integration of these solutions, AWS established the AWS Partner Competency Program as a way of helping customers identify APN Partners with experience and expertise where they need it.

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Narrative Science first teamed up with AWS back in 2010 when it ran its famous Quill platform on it. Quill is a kind of Advanced NLG software that’s powered by AI. It automatically turns text into human-like speech. However, it requires the use of AWS and AWS lambda in which to do it.

“Narrative Science is an industry leader in Advanced NLG technology and has been a trusted APN Partner for many years,” said Global Lead for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Partnerships at AMS, Joseph Spisak.

“We see many benefits for our customers that deploy Advanced NLG applications running on AWS and with Narrative Science in the AWS Competency Program, customers will be able to glean more insight into their data with greater scalability and agility.”

Stuart Frankel is CEO of Narrative Science, and here’s what he had to say: “Narrative Science is honored to be one of the first companies to achieve AWS ML Competency status.

This is a key milestone in our relationship with AWS and was achieved through an in-depth technical evaluation of our platform and compliance with AWS’s rigorous processes. Our team is dedicated to helping customers achieve their business goals by leveraging the agility of AWS.”

Source Narrative Science

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