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Meet GreetBot the AI Receptionist Robot

Cheetah Mobile and OrionStar (an artificial intelligence research company) have unveiled their new Cheetah GreetBot receptionist robot.

Both companies have taken part in sales agreements with about 13 entities across 10 industries in an effort to deploy the robots as greeters at various hotel and company front desks.

Fu Sheng, Cheetah Mobile CEO and chairperson alongside leaders from Ucommune, China’s biggest shared workspace company, Sunrise Technologies(an office building services company), New Human Technologies( robot-based hotel service provider), and travel application developer Etoury took part in the order-signing ceremony that was held at the 2018 World Robot Conference on August 17, 2018, in Beijing.

Cheetah Mobile stated that the sales agreements with different companies act as a milestone, specifically for China’s rising service robot industry. The company said this considering the fact that the industry ‘s development has largely been dominated by commercial robots.

In fact, following the recent rise of service robots all over China in hotels and restaurants, the Chinese Institute of Electronics projected that China’s service robot industry would hit $4 billion by 2020.

According to Fu Sheng, service robots have the potential to serve as both entry points and growth points, primarily for future markets, while artificial intelligence (AI) will be a key component of the upcoming phase of technological innovation.

Cheetah GreetBot integrates a high-end hardware chip platform and high-speed controller area network (CAN) bus system for optimized data operations and faster reaction speeds. Doing so allows it to satisfy the distinctive requirements of various companies and industries as well as give users a friendly and natural experience.

What ’s more, the robot’s visual and voice recognition system, algorithms, indoor navigation system among other key technologies are all self-developed.

Zhenixian Yang, Etoury’s CEO, expressed a lot of confidence in the Cheetah GreetBot. He stated that the interaction of Cheetah Mobile’s human-machine product interaction and OrionStar’s AI-driven robotics technology chain can allow companies to utilize GreetBot in multiple scenarios.

Additionally, the GreetBot has the potential to adapt to the requirements of guests quickly and is developed around open and practical technologies.

Both OrionStar and Etoury, a company that focuses on app-based guides for scenic destinations and other tourist spots, have created a customized GreetBot that currently operates in Beijing National Stadium.

By relying on computer vision technology, the GreetBot is able to continuously seek out and welcome visitors to the stadium. It operates as an audio guide that answers questions, describe sites and take pictures for visitors or guests.

Cheetah Mobile prides itself on being a mobile Internet entity with monthly active users amounting to hundreds of millions.

The uses benefit from the companies utility products including casual games like Piano Tiles 2, Cheetah Keyboard and Clean Master. Back in March, the company launched a series of artificial intelligence (AI) hardware and robotics products.

OrionStar, on the other hand, operates as a China-based AI firm that is controlled by the chairperson and CEO of Cheetah Mobile, Fu Sheng.

It was founded in September 2016 by a group of technology industry gurus and some product specialists drawn from Shenzhen, Beijing, Taiwan, Japan, and Silicon Valley.

Source VentureBeat

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