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If Carlsberg Did Artificial Intelligence….. It Is!

A new research study funded by Carlsberg Research Lab has just been announced that will use artificial intelligence (AI) to measure and sense different flavors and aromas in beer.

It’s called “The Beer Fingerprinting Project” and the man behind the multi-million investment is Jochen Forster, Director and Professor Yeast Fermentation, Carlsberg Research Laboratory.

“No rapid assays exist today for the determination of flavor compounds in beverages but it is crucial that we can do this to ensure that the Laboratory continues to develop beer of the highest possible quality and provide a model for brewing in Denmark and the rest of the world,” says Forster.

“We are excited to be part of a team with Aarhus University, The Technical University of Denmark and Microsoft and push the boundaries of sensor technology for flavor determination.”

Microsoft brings the most advanced services and software to the collaboration when it comes to AI, while DTU Chemical Engineering brings data processing and reactor parallelization expertise to the project.

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The next move is to prepare the technology to make it work effectively at screening novel brewing organisms.

“This research study puts advanced analytics and intelligent cloud technology as a cornerstone of the project and combines expertise within several fields of the research. We are excited to see the project unfold and determine how it will impact faster go to market processes for Carlsberg,” says Ricky Gangsted-Rasmussen, Industry Lead-Retail, Microsoft Danmark.

There is no other technology quite like it anywhere else that distinguish such complex mixtures of flavors in beer. Many beverage makers have been long wanting a method for developing drinks quickly and reliably to a certain flavor specification.

As part of the project, some of the iNano Aarhus University researchers designed a system that uses sensors and proof-of-principle in which to differentiate between four different Carlsberg beers, Tuborg Pilsner, Carlsberg Pilsner, Wiibroe and Nordic.

Not only will the outcome of this project help push the Danish to the forefront of the world beer market through the Carlsberg brand, but it experts expect it will also lead to the emergence of a whole new wave of AI startups.

As well as being used in the beer and beverage industry, the technology could just as easily be used in other industries such as the environmental or food industries.

Source Carlsberg

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KC Cheung
KC Cheung
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