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Can AI Make Employees Happier in Their Jobs?

Can artificial intelligence make employees happier? Startup, Disco certainly thinks so.

This artificial intelligence (AI) startup is one of the first to emerge from the All Turtles AI lab, which was set up by Phil Libin back in May 2017, and is ready to change the way employees feel at work through the use of AI.

Disco is a kind of employee feedback tool that scans different office chat platforms to look for positive comments and compliments which are then compiled into a report that can regularly be checked.

CEO of Disco, Jeremy Vandehey says it will encourage employees to work harder if they feel it’s being noticed by their employer.

The way Disco works is by monitoring and gathering good examples of each individual employee’s work. Then, whenever that person does or says something that’s in line with a company’s core values the AI will log it.

“At its core, we’ve simplified the ways you give positive feedback to your coworkers, managers and even you’re executives,” said Vandehey.

“It’s basically democratized that whole experience and made it a lot easier to do that every single day, versus once a quarter or even once a year, by being inside of the workstream.”

Just a few days ago Disco launched its product to paying customers and already it has more than 20,000 different companies using it internally.

These companies include Walmart, Slack, and Spotify. Current prices are $4 per month per employee or $3 per person per month on an annual subscription.

Using machine learning and natural language processing the platform creates profiles of each employee based on other people’s comments about them in various digital environments.

Then employers can compile reports on each employee to show them where they’re doing well.

The only real downside to Disco is that it can only track positive feedback, so any negative comments about people can still go undetected. “We want to feel good about developing a culture of appreciation before we talk about that,” said Vandehey.

“It’s something a lot of our customers ask for because they want to fully replace performance reviews with a real-time feedback system.

But we don’t want to release something like that without really thinking through the consequences of opening up constructive feedback to the masses.”

Not being able to detect negative comments doesn’t seem to bother investors though. So far Disco has raised more than $2 million in funding from a number of investors including XSeed Capital, 500 Startups, and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff.

Source BusinessInsider

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