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Asos Plans to Boost its Customer Experience and Invest in AI

In the previous half-year, Asos has managed to boost its customer experience both abroad and at home as well as from delivery to mobile.

Thanks to its focus on this area, the company recently revealed a rise in profits and sales. Asos, a Top50 retailer in the IRUK Top500 research, revealed group revenues of about £1.16 billion in the last six months, an increment of 27% from last year’s figures in the same period.

Additionally, its UK retail sales increased by 22 percent to £414.5 million while global sales stood at £716.8 million, 31% more than previous results.

Nick Beighton, the chief executive officer of Asos, asserted that the results indicated strong trading for the company, mainly while it was investing considerably in its future.

According to him, Asos’ customer engagement is improving continuously leading to over a billion site visits for the first time. Here is what the company noticed from its multichannel plan.

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Brand Engagement

For Asos, social media remained a key strategy. In fact, the retailer’s Instagram stories were viewed over 30 million times during the month while its videos got over 52 million views, which was an increment from 40 million in the last half. Looking at these results, Asos is planning to venture into new formats, especially in key global markets such as Snapchat advertised stories.

The Customer

Asos claimed to have double the number of its customers outside the UK compared to home. The retailer said it currently engages with its clients in numerous ways, for instance focusing on growing categories like activewear.

As a result, the order frequency rose by 8 percent while basket values increased by 2 percent.

According to Asos, the creation of new rest of the world, rest of Europe and UK sites would lead to a more localized site experience. T

he new sites enable experiences to be customized around content, market, price zones and visual merchandising. Also, it would be easier for the retailer to manage fulfillment and stock autonomously from the new sites.


During the half-year, over 1,200 technology updates were geared to shopping and customer experience such as the refreshed navigation for the web and mobile.

In fact, this endeavor stands as the most significant design transformation for Asos’ shopping experience in a long time.

Logistics and Operations

Asos is organizing its operations around increased sales. What this means, is that the retailer requires investing more rapidly in its business.

Asos also indicated plans to bring forward capital investment, especially in logistics and distribution. Also, the retailer said that its European hub was successfully progressing with automated storage, which is currently 50% complete and expected to be done before peak trading.

Innovation and Strategy

In the outcomes, sustainability was a critical aspect for Asos. It emphasized that its devotion to fashion with integrity was a vital investment in the future of its business. Currently, about 70% of the retailer’s cotton is sourced sustainably.

The figure is expected to hit 100% by 2025. Furthermore, Asos is now working towards effecting circular fashion design, which would see the retailer taking back used clothes from its customers in a bid to make more use of consumers’ used textiles.

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